Let’s Talk About Chocolate, Fairytale Brownies has Chocolate.

CHOCOLATE! Okay, now that I have your attention let’s talk some delicious talk. Fairytale Brownies are handcrafted. They are made using fine cake flour, rich, Callebaut Belgian chocolate, farm-fresh eggs and pure creamery butter. Fairytale Brownies are certified kosher and free from trans fats, preservatives and artificial colors. If your mouth isn’t watering yet… well, there might be something wrong with you. 😉

All joking aside, Fairytale Brownies are perfect for anyone and for any occasion like Birthdays, Christmas, Congratulations, Hanukkah, Holidays, Patriotism, Thank You, Thinking of You, and Welcome Baby Gifts. They don’t just have brownies either. They have a wide variety of assortments such as Brownies & More, Cookies & More, Crowd Pleasers, Fairytale Classics, Fairytale Extras, Fairytale Gift Club, Fairytale Truffles, Gift Favors, Sugar Free, Tins & Towers, and Truffle Bundles.

For my review, Fairytale Brownies sent me Winter Sprite Wonderland assortment that includes 16 Fairytale Sprites (3” x 1.5” brownies) – two each of Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Pecan, Toffee Crunch, Walnut and White Chocolate – in a blue box with white snowflakes. Let me just say this, "They were aaahhhmmmaaazzzing!" If I had to choose, my favorite would be the Toffee Crunch – the White Chocolate was pretty darn good too.

We all wanted to try every flavor so I found myself cutting them into smaller portions. (I wanted the whole thing for myself but I thought I would be nice and share.) Before I received the brownies, I was thinking 16 was a lot and I was hoping we would be able to eat them all before they went stale. No worries – not only are they individually wrapped but they come with directions or preserving their freshness!

Buy It!  You can purchase these yummy brownies from Fairytale Brownies for $32.95!




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