Sweepin’ for the Weekend Giveaway Linky Hop | Enter to win or Add yours! July 28 – 29th!

Welcome to the Sweepin’ For The Weekend Giveaway Linky!

The weekend is here and we want to celebrate! Mom With a Dot Com and MamaNYC love the weekend so much that we decided it would be a great idea to celebrate every single Friday through Sunday with a giveaway linky hop!

The "rules" are simple and this hop is way too much fun to pass it up! Simply scroll to the bottom of the linky to add YOUR giveaway. Insert the TITLE of your giveaway(s) appropriately so we know when it will end, the prize(s) that are up for grabs and country restrictions (if you can fit it).

Example:  BLOG NAMEGIVEAWAY PRIZE7/1  ⇔ end date! 

It’s THAT simple! Plus.. This giveaway linky will be up from Saturday through Sunday, which gives you PLENTY of time to come by and enter ALL of the giveaways listed, or add more of your own! There will be plenty of chances to win great prizes, so be sure to stop by and sweep the weekend away!

Forget Workin’ For The Weekend. . . We’re Sweepin’ For The Weekend!
This linky will be CLOSED for new entries at 11:59PM (EST) on Sunday, July 29th*




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