2013 KIA Sorento Review: From a Mom’s Perspective

From the moment this 2013 KIA Sorento pulled up into my driveway, it was love at first sight. It was big, spacious and perfect for our family. You would think with a family of five we would have something more roomy than a small two door, compact car – we don’t. So I knew having the opportunity to drive this baby around for a week would be great and maybe make me want a new car. That was a chance I was willing to take.

I love everything about cars. So the outside, inside and all the features are important to me. The front end of the KIA Sorento is very sleek and (as crazy as it may sound) has personality. Fog lights are something I always look for in a car. The added safety while driving puts me at ease. The blinkers that are on the back end of the side mirrors are great too!

The back end is equally flashy. My favorite exterior cosmetic feature about the KIA Sorento is the chrome framing. I have always loved the chrome finish look so this was an eye cather for me. Over to the left of the license plate, that small black box looking thing is a camera. Yes, you heard me – a camera. When you are backing up, it shows you what is in the danger zone – danger of you running over. At first, this was a little hard getting used to but, within a day, I was hooked and quite the pro at backing up.

Let’s dive into the inside of the KIA Sorento. The driver and passenger seats are fit for a king (or queen). They are extremely comfortable and it’s a good thing. You’ll want to be in them a long time while you enjoy all the great features this vehicle has to offer. Both seats are electrically operated. This was nice. Generally, you only see the driver’s seat with that ability. The middle console had enough room for my wallet, our charging cables, hand sanitizer, loose change and had plenty of room to spare. The door controls include controls for the windows and side mirrors. No worries about the kids playing with the back windows – you can lock them!

The dashboard features of the 2013 KIA Sorento are almost like a playground for adults. Even after a week, I’m not sure if I was able to take full advantage of them. The steering wheel has radio and phone controls. You can pair your smartphone up via bluetooth to safely take calls through the speakers while driving. The displays were very well lit up and easy to see whether it was day or night. It’s equipped with satellite radio, GPS navigation and iPod controls. You can actually connect your iPod and control it from the touch screen interface. With the dual heating and AC controls, you and your passenger won’t fight over the temperature anymore. There are also seat warmers for BOTH front seats. It was freezing while we had the Sorento and keeping my bottom warm while in the car was awesome!

As you can see, the KIA Sorento is very spacious. Even with three rows of seats, it manages to provide a lot of room and comfort. Having the third row is optional and easy to fold in or out. The head rests have many positions. You can fold them in, keep them up or extend them. There are three seatbelts in the middle row and two in the back. The 2013 KIA Sorento can easily transport seven passengers.

Even my hubby fit nicely in a middle seat. When I think of back seats, I always think they are made for the comfort of children; however, he was very comfortable and had plenty of room. If you are only seating two people in the middle row, the console can come down for drink holders and arm rests. Please note: at this time, we were only checking the car out and my son was sitting here while in a non moving vehicle. Before we actually drove the car, he was placed properly in a car seat.

For a third row, I thought this area was a nice size. This is a total bonus for me. Before getting this car, I had no idea it was going to have a third row. When it got here, I thought it just had a big storage space in the back. Then my hubby realized the third row was collapsed down. We popped them out and that was it. That’s when I knew this car was perfect. A third row is something I have always longed for. In the third row there are cup holders and an area to put belongings. The air vents are sure to get the right temperature, even way in the back.

It was nice that the back end opened up high enough to not hit our heads. With a spacious car like this, you can do a lot of transporting or moving things. You can be sure that will never get in your way. While you have the third row up, the trunk space is slightly limited. You won’t have any problems dong some light shopping, etc; however, you wouldn’t be able to pack a ton of stuff back there. If you need all three rows of seats and are going on a trip, you do have the option of the top racks to pack your belongings.

Here is a view of the back while the third row is down. You can see that there is plenty of room for whatever it is you may need to transport. With my life schedule, I could easily get away with having the third row down most of the time. The third row benefits me most when we go on trips or long car rides. The middle row can also be folded in if you are needed a lot of extra space. This is great for those of us who don’t have a truck but need to buy a piece of furniture or something.

When it was time to get out of the KIA Sorento our little guy didn’t want to get out. He may have fell in love just as much as his Mommy. All the kids enjoyed riding in it. My daughter especially enjoyed when just her and I went a couple of places and she was able to sit in the front. She was intrigued with the seat warmer. My teenager liked the third row of seats so he could ‘hang out’ by himself.

Feel free to watch the above video review. I go a little more in depth on the features. I did this video on my own and being a mom of three kids, I didn’t have a tremendous amount of time. I hope you enjoy!

This is a fun little slideshow we put together of the various pictures we took during our week with the 2013 KIA Sorento. We had a lot of fun driving around town and we even went on a trip to Fort Bragg. It was almost a four hour trip one way so we got to spend a lot of quality time in the KIA.

The time came to say goodbye to the amazing 2013 KIA Sorento. That was a sad day. Even my toddler was not happy. At first I don’t think he realized they took it. Then we were sitting in the house and he looked out the window to the driveway and said, "where did the other car go?" We explained that we only got to borrow it and he replied with, "awww man!" That’s how I felt. As a family, we highly recommend the 2013 KIA Sorento and all of its awesomeness. Sorry about the quality of the above picture. The delivery guy wasn’t familiar with my camera but I had to have a picture of me in the KIA!


  1. I would be just as sad as you were turning in that Sorento. I love Kia vehicles, and it looks like the Sorento is definitely on my wish list. LOL

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  3. I LOVED the Sorento when we had it. Truly a great car!

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  8. Sounds like a great family car! I like that it looks roomy, but not so big that I would feel uncomfortable driving it. I’m used to my small car, and nervous that when I upgrade, I won’t know how to park it or anything, lol!

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