Nursing Comfort for You and Your Baby with mombo™

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If you are a mom and you have ever nursed, you know how important comfort is. You and your baby need the best comfort to have the best experience possible. Almost always, you need something additional to achieve the maximum level of comfort. While I was in the nursing stages, I had three or four different nursing pillows and wedges. I’m not too sure that any of them were the perfect fit for both my baby and I.  

There is now a versatile nursing pillow called mombo. This pillow has a unique shape. It also has a two-sided design called Fit2Soft. The firm side gives great support for you and your baby. The soft side is cozy and perfect for tummy time or just relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, I remember when my kids were incredibly soothed by vibration. The mombo™ has a vibration feature! 

They come in three styles including standard, deluxe and nude. You can also get slip covers to suit your personality and style. It’s always good to have a couple extra handy for times when theres an accident and you can’t get to the laundry quick enough. 

The mombo™ is available at Toys R Us and Babies R Us. Be sure to check out their selection of products. You can pick some up for yourself or someone else. This would be a great baby shower gift! Be sure to like Comfort & Harmony on Facebook and follow Comfort & Harmony on Twitter to stay up on the latest news, specials and promotions. 

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