BLOGGERS: Sign Up for Giveaway Promote’s Fall Into Cash Giveaway!


If you are a blogger looking for a fun giveaway to offer your readers, check out the Fall Into Cash Giveaway event. This is Giveaway Promote’s next big cash giveaway. This is a perfect time to give your reader’s a chance to win some cash for the holidays! I’m participating, you should too! 

  • Prize: $500 cash (if signups exceed that, saditional $50 cash prizes will be added)
  • Cost: $5/link, with exception of Facebook [more details on sign up page]
  • Giveaway dates: October 14th – 27th (Sign ups close 10/5)
  • There is a referral prize of $50 CASH! Also, the top 5 referrers will be offered to host a follow page at no cost.
  • ur last five big cash giveaways averaged over 3,500 unique entrants each. DON’T MISS THIS ONE! → 

Giveaway Promote has seen amazing numbers in the past, so don’t miss this one! 





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