Hallmark Birthday Cards for Everyone! #BirthdaySmiles


Which Hallmark Card to Choose? #BirthdaySmiles #shopLast week I shared the above Hallmark birthday cards with you for my son. I was having a really hard time choosing and wanted your help to decide. You all voted. There was a first place by only one vote! The other two tied for second. It was SO close! Do you want to know which birthday card won?

Funny Hallmark Birthday Card for 18th Birthday #BirthdaySmiles #shopNumber one did! Although, it isn’t quite my son’s birthday yet, I gave it to him anyways. You know, in hopes that he would clean his room. I told him that his 18th birthday is a milestone and we should celebrate now. So, I plan to surprise him and do nice little things for him from now until October 12th. He really liked the card and he did straighten his room up a bit in hopes to find something because he knows I do random, weird things. His room needed a good cleaning anyway. 

Ryan and Me #BirthdaySmiles #shop

A few of you thought I should give him all three cards. I plan to do just that. I will give him the sappy, heartfelt card on his actual birthday because I’m sentimental like that. I will also probably hang on to the card for him until he gets older and will appreciate it because I’m like that too. As for the hamburger card, I think I will plan a day out with him that includes grabbing a burger. I’ll tell him about our day by giving him that card.

Facebook Hallmark Card #BirthdaySmiles #shop

While I was shopping for these cards, I picked up quite a few other cards that I thought I might share with you. I always seem to find something for everybody when I’m card shopping. Sometimes I like to buy cards just because. You never know when you might need something unexpectedly. With Facebook being the big hype these days (and the fact that I’m a social media nut), I thought the above card may be appropriate at some time or another.

Everything Hallmark Card #BirthdaySmiles #shopI chose this card for my sister-in-laws boyfriend. His birthday is in two days and I’m not sure what to get him because he is a low maintenance and has everything he wants (I think). I’m not really sure now that I think about it. Anyway, I thought this card was great for him.

Age 10 Hallmark Card #BirthdaySmiles #shopAfter my son’s birthday, comes my daughter’s 10th birthday on Halloween! It’s always a fun time for us. We always have a themed party (whatever she is currently into); however, we always have a costume party because it’s Halloween! My daughter loves lists and hearing how great she is. This card really suited her personality. Plus, it was shiny and she likes shiny.

4th Birthday Hallmark Card #BirthdaySmiles #shopA week after my daughter’s birthday, is my little guy’s birthday. He will be four this year. He likes Jake… but the real reason I chose this card was for the inflatable sword. He’ll love it. He’s sentimental like me though. He draws me pictures daily that he wants me to keep so I’m sure he’ll hang on to this for a while.

Mom Hallmark Card #BirthdaySmiles #shopThe last card I grabbed was this card for my Mother-in-Law. I got it for my boyfriend to give to her. Don’t worry, it’s something he would totally get for her. Sometimes I think I know him better than he knows himself. She will appreciate the card. Let’s just hope she is not reading this. I guess I didn’t think this one through.

Call me old fashioned but I love giving greeting cards. I love receiving them and the joy it brings. I want to give that joy to others. In a day and age of email, eCards and Facebook, real cards through snail mail are a thoughtful gesture.

Do you give greeting cards?
How often?




  1. This was a fabulous post! I love receiving greeting cards and definitely feel inspired to give more of them throughout the year. #client


  3. I love Hallmark. They have the best cards!

  4. I love all those cards! They certainly do have cards for everyone!

  5. These cards are cool!!!

  6. All are pretty cool cards!!

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