My Son is Going to Be an Adult, Help Me Choose a Card! #BirthdaySmiles


September is when it all begins for me – birthdays. It begins with my sister-in-laws birthday on September 13th and just keeps going. No joke. There’s mine, my brother-in-law, my sons, my daughters, my other son and my mother-in-law. Those are just the super close birthdays. There’s more plus Halloween, our anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s just a busy month for us. No matter how busy we get, it’s important to be sure and show people that they matter and we do care. Giving a Hallmark birthday card is the perfect way to do just that and I want you to help me choose a card!

Hallmark at Walmart

I headed to Walmart to check out their selection of Hallmark birthday cards. There is something for everyone! Let me tell you – there is a large variety of cards in all price ranges. You are sure to find what you are looking for. There are a variety of sizes too! There were some bigger than my head. There were even cards prices at 99¢. Personally, when I find perfect cards, the cost doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t give a card to someone every day. So I like to make it as personal and fitting as possible.

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My son, Ryan’s, birthday is coming up on October 12th. He is going to be 18 years old! I’m going to have an adult child. That is just hard to believe. Anyway, I picked out the above three cards for him. You can check them out more up close below. Here’s the fun part:

I want your help deciding which one I should give him – 1, 2 or 3?!

Funny Hallmark Birthday Card for 18th Birthday #BirthdaySmiles #shopThis is the funny card that I chose. I chose this card because his room is a mess a majority of the time. This card actually gave me an idea that I could tell him there is $100 somewhere in his room to get it clean. Yay or nay? lol

Heartfelt Hallmark Birthday Card #BirthdaySmiles #shopThis is the heartfelt card I got him. It seems that every time I shop for greeting cards, I always find that one card that says exactly what I want it to. This is that card. My son is so unique and his own person. It’s amazing. He has never conformed to what anybody has ever wanted him to be except for himself. I’m very proud of him for that.

Hallmark Hamburger Birthday Card #BirthdaySmiles #shopThis card was made for my son. His absolute favorite food of all time are hamburgers. He could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner I’m sure. When he was younger, they were always plain – just meat and a bun. Over the years, he has grown to just take it all and eat it as is. This card was even ripped a bit but it was the last one. I had to get it. I couldn’t take the chance of it not being at another store.

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  1. Well he must really be older now! At least 15! Hope you got a great birthday card for him.

  2. so, which card did you give your son? just curious….

  3. I love the card options and can’t wait to see which one you choose! #client


  5. #2…I love it

  6. I think you should give him all three at different times. Maybe start with the funny one & then the meant-for-him one & end with the heartfelt one.

  7. Definitely #1, I always like a card that makes me laugh 🙂

  8. I like number 3 the best . but , you could give him one in the morning and one mid day and one in the evening…but, I still like number 3 ..

  9. I like #1. It must strike a cord with me 🙂

  10. Call me crazy, but I think you should just get ALL 3! They each have their own fitting message and special meaning for your son. How fortunate that you could find 3! Sometimes I just CAN’T find the appropriate card when I need one. Happy Birthday to your son! and WELCOME to parenting an adult child. It has it’s ups and downs and wonderful sense of pride as you watch your offspring become an adult and go off into the world. I have 3 adult daughters! =)

  11. Patricia Cook says:

    They grow up so fast, don’t they?? I like #2, it is warm and meaningful. Happy birthday to your son 🙂

  12. Jenn @therebelchick says:

    I like number 3, it’s silly and perfect for turning 18!

  13. shawna trammell says:

    I like number 2 im more the heartfelt deep person tho.


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