Six Places to Hide Easter Baskets + a $400 Giveaway!

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I’m going to drift off topic for a second to remind you the importance of taking pictures. As I sat down to write this post, I was scouring my files and Facebook for past Easter pics to include in this post when I realized there weren’t many. Neither my fiance or I posted one picture on Easter day last year (and we are big on social media). I found the one below from 2010 that I absolutely love! How sweet are those faces!? Okay, back to the topic at hand, where to hide Easter baskets.

Easter 2010

Easter is such a fun Holiday. Although, I’m running out of places to hide the kids’ Easter baskets. Every Easter morning, the kids get up in anticipation of finding their hidden baskets full of goodies. For some reason, I feel like I have exhausted all of my possibilities. Let me give you my ideas and, in turn, maybe you can share some with me!

  • Behind the Couch – this is an obvious hiding spot as long as you have enough room and your couch doesn’t sit high on its legs. The kids are sure to find this one almost instantly.
  • The Entertainment Center – depending on the type of entertainment center you have, it could be inside, on the side or behind. Again, this is another spot that won’t have them looking for long.
  • A kitchen cupboard – this could be good if you are able to move some pots and pans around to cover the basket. This could possibly keep them busy all morning while you shower and get ready for your day.
  • Under a Table – hiding spots like this is definitely for the smaller kids. You don’t want to hide your two year old’s basket in a spot where they will never find it.
  • In a Closet – this isn’t a good idea for me because… well, the closets are hazardous – most of them. That’s where I put stuff. Our garage is converted to a bedroom so we have to utilize this type of storage space.
  • In the Washer or Dryer – honestly, I just thought of this one. I will be doing this one for Easter this year. My kids have never looked inside of them. I feel like I have solved my issue (well one of them at least).

So how boring am I? There must be more places I’m missing here. I have no problems hiding the Easter eggs. Those are smaller and there are a ton of places to hide them (both inside and out). I love when the weather permits the Easter egg hunt to be outside but sometimes the indoors has to happen due to rain.

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