3D Interactive Education with Cypher Kids Club Cards #CypherKidsClub #CBias

 Cypher Kids Club is an awesome augmented reality activity for kids. Basically it’s 3D educational images floating around on your iPad, iPod or iPhone and keeping your child entertained. They are available in Letters, Numbers and Animals. Once the interactive flash cards are purchased in the Apple Store online, the app is free to download and install. 

The cards come in a sturdy, reusable box for safe keeping. After I ordered them from the Apple iTunes store, they were delivered fairly quickly. My son couldn’t wait to play with them. He loves numbers and the alphabet. 

I really like the size of the cards. They are fairly large and sturdy in weight. It will be a little more difficult for my son to destroy these versus a regular deck of cards. Because, trust me, I’m sure he will try at some point. They are vibrant in color and will attract those little eyes. 

After you receive your cards (or before if you want to be ready), you will want to go into the app store and search for "Cypher Kids Club." That will display all three of the apps. Choose whichever cards you purchased. All the apps are completely free to install. 

You can see the app itself is colorful and eye catching. Once the app loads, you will see this screen where you can choose the letter you would like to explore. By default, it opens on the N. You can see how to interact in the video below. 

At this point, you will scan the QR type code on the interactive card. Once it is scanned, you don’t necessarily have to continue pointing at the card. There is a help option in case you get stuck. You can start from the beginning of your current letter by hitting the back arrow. You can also take a picture of the 3D action you are experiencing and save it to your camera photos. When you are through with the current letter, you can hit the back button to start over and choose another. 

Even though my little guy was being uncooperative for the video below, I was able to capture this photo of him and his big sister. She was showing him how to do it "the right way." We haven’t had the cards too long; however, they have enjoyed them and I’m sure they will look forward to playing with them more. I love that they think of it as ‘playing’… shhh, I think it’s more educational than anything. That’s my favorite part. 

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  1. This sounds like it could be a great game for my 8 year old. My husband sometimes says to me that we are too low tech in the games we encourage our kids to play so this might be what we need. I know that it is important that we let our little ones get up to date with modern technology and a game like this seems like a good way to start them off

  2. I too love that these are educational yet all kids see is fun! Thanks for sharing your experience and the details on how to use them.

  3. I’ve been hearing about Cypher everywhere! This looks PERFECT for my daughter next year when she is a little older!

  4. These cards are pretty neat. My daughter loved an excuse to play with my phone!

  5. 2wired2tired says:

    Those are so neat! My kids would have loved that when they were younger.

  6. We have the animal cards and my six year old loves them! I think we may have to get the letters and numbers in the future for my 2 year old and complete our set!

  7. The cards look fun and I love that they are interactive. My favorite games and toys are the ones where they’re learning something without realizing it. Looks like Cypher Kids nailed it when it comes to fun AND educational. 🙂

  8. We have these and we love them! My kids especially love the animal cards. They are definitely a lot of fun.

  9. Love the idea of these cards on the iPad. It turns learning into fun. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Those look so fun. My 3 year old would love something like that. I wish they had them for Droid!

  11. very cool–my son is learning his letters and numbers in pre-school now–this looks like a fun way to get him to “play” and keep learning ) thanks for sharing

  12. I love this idea!

  13. Wow, don’t those look fun?