5 Must-have Fashionable Pieces to Pack for Every Weekend Trip

There are things (okay, many things) that I pack when our family goes on vacation. I will admit that there are lots of items I pack that I actually never even use. I’m one of those overly prepared kind of people. It drives Big Daddy crazy but that’s just how it’s going to be. Last year, we took a trip to Six Flags for a few days and I packed 23 tops!! I have to say 23 is pretty ridiculous – sometimes you just don’t know what kind of mood you’re going to be in. Here are the top five must-have fashionable pieces that I have to pack for our trips:

  1. I never leave home without my capris! Capris always make me feel comfortable in any situation. That might sound funny but it’s true. They make me feel covered up enough where I don’t feel self-conscious and at the same time they’re enough to keep me cool.
  2. Summertime is my favorite time of year because I get to wear flip flops everyday! Flip flops are a necessity for me. They’re fast to put on and they keep my feet nice, cool and aired out. Not to mention, they show off my toes that I have to keep up while it’s flip flop season.
  3. This might sound strange but I always take a hooded sweatshirt. What if the thermostat is broken in the hotel or something? That is how I think. Maybe there will be an unexpected rain. If anything does happen, I know I will be prepared with my sweatshirt.
  4. My swimsuit is always in my suitcase just in case our hotel has a swimming pool or a jacuzzi. A lot of the times they don’t or sometimes we just don’t get around to enjoying them; however, it wouldn’t be very fun to have the chance to swim or relax and have nothing to wear while doing so.
  5. It’s so sunny here in California, I always pack sunglasses for our trips. Not just one pair but a couple different ones. One day I might want to be a movie star and the next day I might just want to lay low. Whatever the case, I must make sure I’m ready.

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