About Me

This is me, Rita (aka Mom with a dot com). I’m a 31 year old mom of three beautiful children. They create a world for me where there is never a dull moment. My life consists of my family, my home and finding ways to entertain us. For me, (besides my family, of course) entertainment is at my fingertips. My two older children are in school every day, all day and our baby is full of wild personality! I’m engaged to an amazing man who is studying to be an electrical engineer. We are a family that is fascinated with innovation, science, physics, technology, sustainability and small business ventures. We also have a one year old female boxer, Carly.

My computer is somewhat a gateway to the outside world. I have met many amazing people during this journey. Social networking keeps me sane, entertained and tuned into the world! Blogging has become more than a hobby to me. It’s an opportunity for me to enjoy something that I am passionate about – writing and connecting with others. My goal is to continue doing what I love and still being able to spend a reasonable amount of time with my family.

I became a mom at a very young age; therefore, I have been a mom a lot longer than anything else. For this reason, I did not attend college immediately after high school. It was more imperative that I continue working full-time to maintain a thriving environment for my son and myself. Before my second child was thought of, I completed a college course and got certified as an Administrative Assistant. Later in life, I took more classes here and there. During that time, I took a business and a marketing course that I loved. Next fall, I will be continuing my education in that area – I very much look forward to it.