About Me

This is me, Rita (aka Mom with a dot com). I’m a 37 year old mom of four beautiful children. They create a world for me where there is never a dull moment. My life consists of my family, my home and finding ways to entertain us. We just moved to Scottsdale, Arizona from Northern California at the end of 2017.

My oldest (adult) son stayed in California and I look forward to seeing him every chance I get. My oldest daughter, Briana, is 14. My son, Dominic, is eight. Last year, we added a sweet baby, Lux, to our crew – she will be one in March. I live with an amazing entrepreneur who is always up to something and taking it to the next level. We are a fascinated with innovation, science, physics, technology, sustainability and small business ventures. 

We also have a sweet French Bulldog puppy, Molly. She is almost four months old and probably the cutest puppy you will ever lay your eyes on.

I have met many amazing people during my online journey. Over the years, social networking has kept me sane, entertained and tuned into the world! Blogging became more than a hobby to me. It’s an opportunity for me to enjoy something that I am passionate about – writing, influencing, and connecting with others.