#ad Get Extra Cash for Your School with Tyson’s Project A+


It’s back to school time. That means it’s time to start thinking about ways we can help our local schools to reach their goals and get them the tools they need to succeed. Tyson’s Project A+ is a great way to support your school! It’s an excellent program to get extra cash for your school so they can purchase the items needed for our children. 

Steps to Tyson Project A+

It looks easy, doesn’t it? It is! There are three simple steps to get extra cash for your school. You simply clip and save labels from over 30 participating Tyson products, give them to your school and your school will get extra cash! I buy Tyson frozen chicken all the time. So this is perfect! I will be helping our school by purchasing something I already buy anyway. Did I mention your school will receive 24 cents for every label!? That is amazing and will add up quick! 

Tyson Project A+ Homepage

It’s easy to participate! You can visit the Project A+ website and click on "Look Up Your School." If you do not see your school on the list, it’s okay. You can inform your school about the program or sign up to coordinate your school’s Project A+ collections! That’s what I did. I plan to grab the letter that is available in the "resources" on the website and have the school send it home with the kids once school starts. 

Tyson Project A+ Label

There are so many ways for you to be involved. You can get ideas flowing with the school on healthy competitions between the classrooms to collect more labels. Imagine how much extra cash your school could get at 24 cents a label! Let me break it down for you. 

  • 100 labels = $24
  • 500 labels = $120
  • 1,000 labels = $240
  • 5,000 labels = $1,200
  • 10,000 labels = $2,400
  • 50,000 labels = $12,000* (The maximum amount a school can earn each calendar year).

When I saw the numbers broken down that way, I realized how achievable this is and I live in a small town. If you live in a town with many schools, once one school maxes out, you could always continue collecting for other schools in the city – sharing is caring. 

My daughter’s school lacks a lot of little things. They are always needing donations of tissues, hand sanitizer, glue and things of that nature. These are items that if the parents don’t provide, the teachers will end up purchasing them out of their paycheck. The teachers shouldn’t have to do that. Our teachers are amazing and deserve all the support they can get. The library could use some new books and older books (that are falling apart) to be swapped out. I’m excited to contribute my Tyson labels to that cause! 

Grilled Cheese & Chicken Fries Sandwich Title

Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich IngredientsWe already buy plenty of Tyson products but now I will be on the hunt for new recipes. I would love to use even more Tyson products than I already do that way I can get extra cash for our school! We love chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches. So I decided to put the two together and make a fun Grilled Cheese and Chicken Fries Sandwich. You really only need four ingredients that include bread, Tyson Chicken Fries, cheese and butter. 

Cooking Chicken SandwichIt’s pretty self explanatory. You spread your butter on the bread, put one slice (butter down) in a skillet and sprinkle a little cheese on it. Then you place your Tyson Chicken Fries (I used four). After that, sprinkle a bit more cheese and place the other slice of bread (butter up) on top. Let it brown, flip and viola – you’re done! Sounds easy, right? (Remember I like to keep it easy in the kitchen).

Tyson Grilled Cheese & Chicken Fries SandwichWhen it’s done cooking, you can cut it up (or not) and serve. It would even make a great school lunch if you toast it just right. You wouldn’t want your bread tough and chewy. This is a quick meal you can’t go wrong with. Everybody loved it from the teenagers to the toddlers and even the adults! 

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  1. My 8 yr old loves both of these that would make a great combination for him

  2. My family loves chicken fries but I never thought about putting them in a sandwich like that… ooh i can see lunch box possiblities… thanks for the A+ info too!

  3. that meal looks like something my daughter would love!

  4. Thanks for the information I didn’t know Tysons offer this program for schools. I am going to tell my sons school about it.

  5. My bf loves chicken fries but I never thought about putting them in a sandwich! Looks yummy.

  6. I’ve been clipping all summer. Those labels add up quickly for sure. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy more Tyson products so I can have more easy meals to prepare. That sandwich looks really simple and delicious!


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