Aflac Helps You Be Informed During Open Enrollment


Health insurance can be a very important part of your life. Years ago, I worked at a call center for a health group that managed many large business accounts. It was absolutely amazing how many people would call in not knowing exactly what their plan covered and didn’t cover. They are also unaware of their open enrollment period. Aflac conducted a survey that really surprised me.

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A whopping 69 percent of employees stated that their employer had yet to inform them of changes in their benefits that are due to health care reform. This was at the end of August. Employers have until October 1st to notify their workers of coverage options. For some people, these are huge, life changing decisions.

You should know your options well in advance, especially if you have ongoing health issues in your family. Be proactive and ask your employer. Keep on them about what your options are. Don’t let them sneak it up on you at the last minute. You need time to process an informed decision.

Because of health care reform, open enrollment will be very different this year. Aflac wants you to be informed. They are providing straight forward open enrollment resources for this new era of health care. There are resources for individuals, businesses and brokers. Be sure to check out their resources before it’s too late.

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