Lo Real Fruit Beverages – Organolicious Maybe?

Product was received in exchange for this honest review.Being someone who falls in line with being a Vegan, I am always excited to try new products like Lo Real Fruit Beverages. Most Vegan's already know that anything that is labeled with a few key words such as, Vegan, GMO-GEO free, and Gluten Free … [Read more...]

What is your World Vision for 2014?

The Holiday season has come to an end as the year 2013 has. Most people will be making New Year's resolutions to lose weight, save money, love more freely or be a better person in some way. Christmas is said to be the season of giving, but for many, their New Year's resolution will be to just … [Read more...]

Torani Inspires You to Taste Life S’more (Recipe Included)

I had my first love affair with Torani Syrups back in 1996 when lattes were becoming popular. There was a coffee shop in Sacramento called Java City that used only Torani Syrups. A wise lady in front of me ordered an Iced Raspberry Latte, the barista carefully layered the drink. The bright red syrup … [Read more...]

Celebrate With Expression’s Maggie Bag Review

Can a woman have too many bags or purses? No, I think not. What a great opportunity I was blessed with to test drive the amazing Large Messenger Maggie Bag available at Celebrate With Expression before Black Friday shopping! I have seen only one other "seat belt" bag while at Disneyland last … [Read more...]

Review: twotara’s Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

Two words for a new product I got the chance to review, “Too Cute!”. Being a new grandmother to a new grandbaby boy I was super excited to try the newborn footie by Twotara.  Twotara has come out with a revolutionary idea in the baby gift giving field that will save those of us who … [Read more...]