Big Time Rush Summer Break Tour 2013 with Kool-Aid #KoolAidBTRtour

Big Time Rush Summer Break Tour 2013 #KoolAidBTRtourLet’s talk Big Time Rush. Do you know who they are? You should (especially if you have children). I’ll be honest, I knew who they were but not much about them. I knew there was Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon. My daughter watches them. Well, guess what? I might just be one of their biggest fans after taking my daughter to Big Time Rush Summer Break Tour 2013 in Concord, CA on June 23, 2013. It’s the best time we have ever had together. This was her first concert ever and she had a blast!  

Briana with BTR tickets #KoolAidBTRtour

Telling my daughter was so much fun! I did something special to let her know we were going. I got her a one of those teeny bopper magazines. It had a Big Time Rush spread in it. In that page, I put an envelope with a card that said "Congratulations Big Time" and, of course, I added "Rush." There is a picture of it on my Instagram. In the card were the tickets and post-its telling her we were going to meet them. It was awesome! 

Briana with BTR Sign #KoolAidBTRtour

I wanted to include this picture because she worked so hard on her poster. She stayed up until almost 3:00 am the night before making it. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the venue employees said it was too big to bring in and made us put it back in the car. Each of the red stars had a light that lit up (and could blink). She was very proud of her sign and I wanted to share it. Don’t mind her hair all over the place. Mine was too and I didn’t see the picture clearly. 

We had an experience of a lifetime. We were able to come early (before the concert) and attend their sound check. During their sound check, Big Time Rush sang us a few songs. They pulled up stools on the stage and got up close and personal with us. There were roughly 75 people in attendance. They chose about 10 people to ask questions for them to answer. My daughter, Briana, was one of them! She asked them what their favorite episode was. They were so down to Earth, I don’t even remember their answer. They started going off about so many different things. (They were totally having fun). 

After their sound check, we were able to be a part of the meet and greet. OMG! You heard me – MEET Big Time Rush! Are you kidding me?! Nope. We were not permitted to take pictures with our own cameras. We are currently waiting to access the picture online. I’ll share it with you just as soon as possible (trust me). My daughter got a huge hug from Kendall (she adores him) and that absolutely made her the happiest nine year old alive! 

Briana & I with the Kool-Aid Man #KoolAidBTRtour

While we were waiting for the concert to start, we ran into the Kool-Aid man! I grew up with Kool-Aid. My mom used to buy my the cups. pitchers and all the other prizes you could get with Kool-Aid points. We are Kool-Aid lovers. On a side note, I won a years supply of Kool-Aid during a Twitter party today (and a Kool-Aid shirt). Keep reading on how you can win with Kool-Aid too! 

Me & Briana Big Time Rush Stage #KoolAidBTRtour

The lineup was amazing. First, Jackson Guthy performed. He was great. He had an amazing voice and was easy on the eyes. After hearing him sing, we’ll be keeping our eye on him. After Jackson, was Olivia Somerlyn. She was such a doll! She is a beautiful girl with an amazing voice. I really liked the positive attitude she portrayed in her songs. Then Victoria Justice was up – yes, she is better known as Victorious. She was awesome! I have some more to share about her in upcoming posts.  

Big Time Rush Summer Break Tour #KoolAidBTRtour

Next up was BIG TIME RUSH!! We were so excited. This is what we have been waiting for. After seeing these cuties earlier that day, I was very anxious to see them perform myself. They were absolutely amazing! There were so many great pictures and videos I took, I’ll have to share them in another post. If I shared everything, you would be here, reading this all week! 

Confetti Falling #BTR #KoolAidBTRtour

Big Time Rush performed quite a few songs. One of them was Confetti Falling. It was a magical sight. Tons of confetti came down (more than once) during the song. I captured this photo and thought it was pretty great. This photo is straight from my Instagram. I took so many pictures & 15 second Instagram videos. Be sure you head on over to my Instagram profile to check them out (feel free to follow me, if you aren’t already).

Do you want to have the same experience I did at the Big Time Rush concert? Right now you can upload a "Kool Creation" on the Summer Creations contest page. This contest runs until August 8, 2013. You can be as creative as you want with Kool-Aid. You can win a Meet & Greet passes and a ticket to a Big Time Rush concert near you!! Sounds great, right? Be sure you go enter!! If you win, you have to let me know so I can be super excited for you! 

You can also save some BIG TIME money (get it?) by purchasing tickets through Shoparoo. You simply download the Shoparoo app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, snap a picture of your Walmart receipt with at least four Kool-Aid purchases and you will receive a code to use at Ticketmaster Kiosks at Walmart or on Ticketmaster.com to get a Big Time Rush family four pack for only $50!! SCORE! 

Now that I have kept you here this long, I’ll give you a treat. The following video was taken during the concert I went to. Big Time Rush sang Na Na Na and got the crowd involved. It was very fun.I hope you enjoy it! 

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Who is your favorite – Kendall, Carlos, James or Logan?
What is your favorite song they sing?

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  1. What fun. And tell your daughter that poster is amazing!

  2. hey I’m a huge fan of big time rush and I’m hoping to meet this band I love James the best

  3. Sounds like you girls had a blast and made some great memories that day! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and the opportunities others have to enter this “Kool” contest!

  4. Briana’s sign was so clever. Love it! You got some incredible pics too! It was great sharing the concert experience with you two!


    • Thanks! I actually got so many more amazing pictures and videos but couldn’t possible post them all in one post. I’m hoping to get a couple more posts up for the event.