Buy and Sell Items Within Your Neighborhood with the Close5 app!

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How many times have you looked for something to buy on Craigslist or in a Facebook For Sale group to only realize the seller lives a little too far away? Maybe it’s a safety issue… there are some areas where I wouldn’t want to visit. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could check out the profile of someone, see what they are selling and be able to securely message them all in once place? Now you can!
Close5 Logo The Close5 mobile app allows you to safely buy and sell items with people in your direct neighborhood. You can decide how close or how far you are willing to travel to – you can choose anywhere from five miles to 50 miles. This allows you to buy from your neighbors, rather than strangers. There are many great features within the app for both buying and selling.

Close5 Profile #Close5

With the Close5 app, every user has their own profile that shows their name, the date they joined, who follows them, who they follow and what items they have for sale. As you can see here, nobody follows me yet but I do follow one person. I have also listed one thing for sale. You can connect your Facebook and your photo will be pulled.

Discover Items #Close5

You can easily “Discover” items for sale within the vicinity you have chosen. You simply scroll through the listings and it will show you each person and what they have listed. You can click on the item for more information.

Cabinet Info #Close5

Once you find something that you are interested in (like this wooden kitchen shelf), you can click on the image for more information. You can scroll through additional pictures (if they have more), you can see where the item is located, you can comment on the item or make an offer. You can also click on the heart to save it to your favorites – you wouldn’t want to lose a treasure!

Close5 Favorites #Close5

Once you save it to your favorites, you can easily access them from the “Buying” screen. This is a great feature if you want to talk to your spouse before you inquire about something or if you are waiting to hear back from the seller. Maybe you are just window shopping and will decide on something after you have searched all the listings. This is a great way to keep track of those things that catch your eye.

You can get the Close5 app on the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS.

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  2. would like to set up close5 to sell and buy items through my e-mail. how do I set it up. thank you

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