Soaking Up the Sun at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida

Cabana Bay Resort Disclaimer
Recently, we went on an adult vacation. I said it – adult vacation. It was the first time EVER that we did something so amazing without including our kids. That’s allowed, right? Anyway, where did we go? We went to Orlando, Florida and it was incredible! We had so much fun visiting Universal Studios, exploring CityWalk and staying at the Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort!

Cabana Bay Resort Entrance

The Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort is such a great place to stay. From the moment you walk out of your car, you get that welcoming retro feeling. The service you receive after entering the lobby is just as inviting. There was even a slight mix-up with my reservation and they handled it in the best manner and made sure we were in a room for a good night’s rest in no time.

Cabana Bay Resort Kitchen

Upon opening the door to our family Suite, we were immediately greeted by the kitchenette that was equipped a refrigerator, microwave, double pod coffee brewer and a small sink. There was plenty of cabinets and shelf space for all of the snacks and goodies that would help get us through the week. There was even a nice little bar area with stools to enjoy our mornings because the rest of the time, we were busy.

Cabana Bay Resort Living Room

The living room area was quite spacious with two recliners and a full-size pull-out sofa bed. There was a small nested coffee table. I need one of those for my “catch all.” I’m working on figuring out how to stop my kitchen table at home from catching everything but that’s a whole another story. The 40″ flat panel television (with HD channels) makes for relaxing a little nicer.


The bedroom area was simple and matched the retro decorated living room. These two queen sized beds were so comforting after the long days in Florida! They were comfortable too – you know… those beds that are not too firm but not too soft? Yeah, those. I’m not into the hard-as-a-rock mattresses but I don’t want to sleep on quicksand either. These were perfectly in between. There was also another 40″ flat panel television for your viewing pleasure on the wall, just ahead of the beds.

Cabana Bay Resort Bathroom

One of my favorite parts of this room at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort is the bathroom. Weird, I know; however, there were three of us that needed to be getting ready every day. It was a big benefit to have it this way. The toilet had its own area with a door. The shower had it’s own area with a sink, mirror and its own door. Right in the middle was a mirror with outlets where all the makeup and hair was done during our trip.

Clothes Hanger

One really cool feature of the shower was this rod. I didn’t get a picture of it extended but let me tell you how cool it was. Obviously, this was a place to go down, swim and get wet. It’s inevitable you will have wet clothes. You can’t always make it to their on-site laundry mat and you definitely will have wet clothes to deal with. Not to mention, nobody wants moldy clothes. This basically has a line that extends out and connects to the other end. Then, BOOM, you can hang your wet clothes to dry. Cool perk, right?

Cabana Bay Resort Clothes Closet

The additional little bonus closet was perfect to hang up all of our clothes, store our suitcases and protect our valuables with a security safe. There was an extra (and clean) blanket and pillow, if needed. An ironing board and iron was also provided, just in case. Of course, I never needed it because I do everything in my power to avoid using irons. But… that’s just me.

There are many dining options at the Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort such as Galaxy Bowl (and you can get your bowling on while you’re there), Atomic Tonic (poolside bar), The Hideaway Bar & Grill (poolside bar & grill), Swizzle Lounge (lobby bar), Starbucks and Delizioso Pizza (room service pizza). There is also Bayliner Diner.

Cabana Bay Resort Bayliner Diner

Bayliner Diner is where we ate most of our meals during our stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. They have enticing breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. It’s similar to a cafeteria. You walk in, order what you want from various dining options and then pay when you have everything you want. The various dining options included a deli, salad bar, a grill, pizza & pasta and international food. One of my favorite dishes was the Braised Brisket Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Pasta Salad from the deli. That little white chocolate raspberry cheesecake bite you see was delicious!

Cabana Bay Resort Day Night

The view from our room was pleasing – both day and night. There were a few storms that rolled through while we were there and they shut down the outside pool area until they passed. It was really nice to be able to see first hand when they opened it back up.

Cabana Bay Resort Water Park

During our stay, we spent most of the time down at the pool area. There are two different pool areas. The one in our courtyard had the water slide and it was so much fun! This was my first time on a water slide (believe it or not) and I never wanted to stop. The other courtyard was a smaller pool area but it had the addition of a lazy river that was pretty fun!

Cabana Bay Resort Legs in the Water

It was so nice to just relax with my love and enjoy the time we had together. We loved spending as much time in the water that we could. Sometimes we swam, rode the lazy river, slipped down the water slide or simply put our feet in the water.

Cabana Bay Resort View from the Room

All in all, the Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort was a fabulous place to stay and we would stay there again in a heartbeat. We are very much looking forward to bringing the kids back one day. I’m sure that will be a whole new experience in itself.

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