California Wine Club | a Great Gift Option All Year Round!

You may remember my earlier California Wine Club post. I won’t go into their history again; however, I will tell you that it would make a great last minute Christmas gift! There are a few different packages you can choose from to suit everyone on your Christmas list, especially the wine lovers. 

When I received my December shipment, they were nicely wrapped for the holidays. I almost didn’t want to unwrap them but my hubby was excited to try the wine so I had to take off the beautiful colorful foil. There was also a nice reusable win bag included. 

Our shipment included two different wines. The first one was a 2009 Daniel Gehrs Merlot from the Central Coast. The second was a 2011 Daniel Gehrs Chenin Blanc from Santa Barbara County. One white, one red and we were excited to try them both! 

We decided to try the Daniel Gehrs Merlot 2009 first. My first impression was the fragrance. It was that of black cherry and leather-like. The taste was a mixture of cranberry and blueberry. If you remember my last post, I figured out that I’m not big on the room temperature red wine. We couldn’t wait the again and used the aerator but this time I put some ice in my glass to chill it ahead of time. It was pretty good. My hubby really liked it. He doesn’t mind it room temperature but decided to have it chilled with me. I liked the blend of berries and the scent was pretty yummy too. 

The 2011 Daniel Gehrs Chenin Blanc from Santa Barbara County’s White Hills Vineyard was very good. The aroma was that of flowers and honey. We chilled it before we tried it, of course. It tasted like fresh pears. Generally, I prefer the white wines over the red; however, this time the red wine was my favorite (chilled). 

Overall, I definitely recommend California Wine Club to wine lovers or even those who want to try different wines to see what you like. That is exactly who we are. We don’t drink too much wine so this was fun to be able to try a few different ones and get a taste for it. This would make a great gift for any occasion.