CampusBookRentals.com | Save Money on Your College Textbooks!

If you or someone you know are in college then you know the importance of saving money on college textbooks! Some might think that Financial Aid will cover the costs. For some students, the price of their textbooks exceeds the amount they may receive in Financial Aid (if they receive it at all). Now there is an alternative! Skip paying outrageous prices and rent your textbooks! 

There are so many great perks to renting your textbooks, rather than buying them. You can save 40-90% off of the usual bookstore prices! With CampusBookRentals.com shipping is free – even when you send the textbook back to them. Do you like to highlight to keep track of your studies? That’s okay, they allow you to highlight in the book. There are even flexible renting periods. 

Another great thing about CampusBookRentals.com is that for every text book that is rented, they donate to Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an amazing organization of medical volunteers across the world that treat children with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. After their medical work is done and the volunteers have left, they leave behind a team of trained medical professionals, surgical equipment and professional partnerships that continue helping the children.