Three Fun Baby Shower Themes Inspired by Minted

Although I'm not having anymore babies, I love baby showers. I love everything about them. Unfortunately, my creativity (not that I have a lot) hasn't always been at the level it is today. So when I had my own baby showers, they were your standard baby shower - no fancy baby shower themes for … [Read more...]

Nursing Comfort for You and Your Baby with mombo™

This post brought to you by Comfort and Harmony. All opinions are 100% mine. If you are a mom and you have ever nursed, you know how important comfort is. You and your baby need the best comfort to have the best experience possible. Almost always, you need something additional to achieve the … [Read more...]

Frogglez Goggles | Protect Your Eyes While Swimming Without the Pain!

When I was a child, I remember the rubber straps. You know the ones that connect to goggles to keep them on your head. They were so tight. They ripped my hair apart. They were extremely uncomfortable. At some point, I decided it was easier to just open my eyes with no goggles. Yes, I was brave. As … [Read more...]

Prepare for Baby during @Sears’ All Things #Baby Sale! #spon

 Do you need to prepare for baby? Do you already have a baby? Are you pregnant? Maybe you just know someone who is - either way, you need to know about the All Things Baby Sale at Sears!  When you become a new parent (or any parent with a baby), it can get expensive. The list just goes on … [Read more...]

JBuddies by JLab | Safe Headphones for Kid’s Ears {Review}

 Our family is big on technology. We all have our likes. Two of them are music and shows. My daughter likes to get a little Disney action here and there. My toddler loves watching tractors, motorcycles and monster trucks on YouTube. Sometimes we all don't want to share those experiences with … [Read more...]

Soft Gear Booster Seat Review

 Soft Gear™ designs unique children's products out of 3-D molded thermoplastic elastomer foam. Soft Gear products were created to be soft, safe and fun for your little one. They have long-term durability, along with a stylish appeal. These are products that parents use at some point; now … [Read more...]

MyBabyClothes.com: The Latest Affordable Fashion

If you have children then you know how expensive it can be to cloth them! It might sound crazy but it's true. If they get dirty then there is another change of clothes, have an accident - there's another; not to mention, all of the holidays where they need a nice outfit to wear (and those aren't … [Read more...]

No More Spills with the Gyro Bowl!

Do you have kids? If you do, then you have a mess. Trust me - I have three of them. I can't even begin to count the amount of times I've given them snacks inside of bowls and then the snacks go in the trash because they would spill them out of the bowl. I'll be honest, when I first heard of Gyro … [Read more...]

Kids Konserve Review

Kids Konserve took lunchtime to another level! A more environmentally friendly level. Using their recyclable lunch packing products is a great and easy step towards saving our environment and your money! Kids Konserve have everything from lunch bags, ice packs w/sweat free covers, reusable baggies, … [Read more...]