#LetsBond #SIMPLEgiving Roundup: 22 Ways Kids Can Give Back with School Supplies

Giving back to your community is so important. Teaching your children philanthropic behaviors at a young age will set them up for a future of thoughtfulness. Did you know that more than 16 million children live below the poverty line in the United States? One in five kids live in a household that … [Read more...]

#SummerofGiving Roundup: 16 Tyson Chicken Recipes and Ways to Help End Hunger

It's so important for us to give back to our community. Did you know that over 16 million kids who are below the poverty level here in the United States alone? That's 1 in 5. Look at your children's classmates - the average class has around 30 students, which means 6 of those kids are probably … [Read more...]

Our Day of Celebration Turned into a Devastating Tragedy

Monday, February 10, 2014 wasn't just another day. It was my husband, Robert's, birthday. (You know, Developmental Dad). He turned the big 34 just seven months before I will. The started off nice. We woke up, he relaxed... okay, okay, he did help out by doing the dishes. We drove to Del Taco for … [Read more...]

What is your World Vision for 2014?

The Holiday season has come to an end as the year 2013 has. Most people will be making New Year's resolutions to lose weight, save money, love more freely or be a better person in some way. Christmas is said to be the season of giving, but for many, their New Year's resolution will be to just … [Read more...]

Pray for Malia during Her Fight with Childhood Leukemia and ADEM

Malia is an outgoing four year old who is full of love and smiles. She is the youngest of three children. Her sister, Isabella, is nine and her brother, Aeneas, is seven. Their mother, Sabrina, and I have been friends since junior high. As adults, we lost touch for a few years; however, reconnected … [Read more...]

Spin Into Action with Champions for Kids & Spinbrush #Spinbrush4Kids

  Community is something I feel passionately about. Once upon a time, I was employed with my County as a Community Ambassador through AmeriCorps. Within this role, I organized community events, worked with foster youth and helped displaced families with reunification (that's the jist of it … [Read more...]