Chicken and Vegetable Tostadas with Foster Farms Simply Raised Chicken

When I first heard about Foster Farms' Organic and Simply Raised products, I was interested. Then I heard they were available in California, Oregon and Washington; I was excited. Finally, they wanted me to try out the product and share it with you all. Of course, I totally jumped on board. I'm … [Read more...]

Lo Real Fruit Beverages – Organolicious Maybe?

Product was received in exchange for this honest review.Being someone who falls in line with being a Vegan, I am always excited to try new products like Lo Real Fruit Beverages. Most Vegan's already know that anything that is labeled with a few key words such as, Vegan, GMO-GEO free, and Gluten Free … [Read more...]

#SummerofGiving Roundup: 16 Tyson Chicken Recipes and Ways to Help End Hunger

It's so important for us to give back to our community. Did you know that over 16 million kids who are below the poverty level here in the United States alone? That's 1 in 5. Look at your children's classmates - the average class has around 30 students, which means 6 of those kids are probably … [Read more...]

Torani Inspires You to Taste Life S’more (Recipe Included)

I had my first love affair with Torani Syrups back in 1996 when lattes were becoming popular. There was a coffee shop in Sacramento called Java City that used only Torani Syrups. A wise lady in front of me ordered an Iced Raspberry Latte, the barista carefully layered the drink. The bright red syrup … [Read more...]

Holiday Gifts with ChocolatRouge Chocolate Wine

The following content is intended for readers who are 21 or over. Every year, there are certain people that I struggle to find that "perfect gift" for. You know the one - they have everything and nothing you buy them will really matter, in the long run. So, you end up buying them a cheesy pre-made … [Read more...]

Making Memories with Outshine Fruit Bars

I've said it before, Fall is my favorite time of year. It's not too hot, not too cold and the falling leaves are beautiful! The rest of my family miss the sunshine and hot weather. It gets 100 degrees here in California and that's just too hot for me. I like to make my family happy, so I try to find … [Read more...]

Wine Tasting with Save Mart’s Buy 4, Get 10% Off Spirits and Wine Sale

This day and age, I'm always looking for deals. No matter what I do, what I'm buying or where I go. The more money I can save, the happier I am. When things I want or need are less expensive, I try to jump on it and, sometimes, stock up on it if it's something I will use often. When I was looking … [Read more...]

Reshaping My Life | Inspired by Bigelow Tea’s New Packaging

How do you feel about change? For me, change is good. In the beginning it might be hard; after time, it all works out. I always talk about changes and, turns out, it took a small spark to start taking action. When I saw Bigelow Tea's new packaging, I was inspired. This is my collection of the new … [Read more...]

Quick Fried Chicken Recipe

Quick and easy meals are my favorite. The kitchen isn't my favorite place (yet). So the quicker I can get out, the better. Don't get me wrong, once in a while I like to attempt elaborate meals; however, I prefer speedy and painless cooking. When I saw the Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starters … [Read more...]

Candy Bar Pretzel Cheesecake Recipe

Before I even begin to tell you about the delicious Candy Bar Pretzel Cheesecake that I made, you must know about this amazing coupon! When you share this coupon on Facebook, Twitter or via email, to three people, the value doubles! I got my 7 oz. bags of Milky Way and Snickers Bites at Walmart for … [Read more...]