10 Minute Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe

 This is what started it all. I set out to Save Mart to grab some Pacific Coast Marinara and Alfredo sauces. My plan was to make meatball subs. Unfortunately, Save Mart was out of the Marinara sauce so I had to improvise. My shopping trip had to go off course from my list and create something … [Read more...]

Easy M&M Bundt Cake & Mott’s Spiced Apple Cider #HarvestFun

  Fall is my favorite Season of all! It's not too hot, not too cold and the colors are just beautiful outside. It's also the start of a whole new menu. I'm one of those who doesn't prefer soup during the Summer. Fall is when I start baking and drinking warm beverages. I'm always looking for … [Read more...]

New England Pot Roast Sandwiches | Meal Recipe

 With a busy family of five, I'm always looking for quick and easy meals. Now that the kids are back in school, my crockpot can be my best friend. I can put dinner on in the morning, get work done and not have to worry about cooking in the evening. We get tired of having the same things over … [Read more...]

#ad Back to School with Safeway and Tyson Project A+

  Where has the Summer gone? I know many kids have already started school back up. My kids begin this coming up Monday. I'm not sure if I'm ready. I know they are - I'm just not sure about me. During the school year, even with a busy schedule, I like to find ways to be involved. This year I … [Read more...]

#ad Get Extra Cash for Your School with Tyson’s Project A+

It's back to school time. That means it's time to start thinking about ways we can help our local schools to reach their goals and get them the tools they need to succeed. Tyson's Project A+ is a great way to support your school! It's an excellent program to get extra cash for your school so they … [Read more...]

25 Delicious Bacon Recipes

I love bacon (and chocolate). If I could, I would eat bacon every single day. When I make bacon, I love to try new things. Below is a compilation of 25 delicious bacon recipes from across the web. I hope you find one you'll enjoy. Feel free to tell me some of your favorite bacon recipes! … [Read more...]

Fresh Finds on Meat at Save Mart Supermarket #FreshFinds

 It's Summertime. The kids are home for the summer. You all know what that means - you need more food. It's true. Some days it seems like they never quit eating. They need breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks!? Just kidding. Seriously though... you know what I'm talking about.  With … [Read more...]

Heart Healthy Tailgate Party for the Save Mart 350 Race #FreshFinds

Eating healthy is something many people are trying these days. It's not always easy (especially when you are doing something fun). Summer parties, birthday parties, weddings and everything in between usually serve food that aren't the best for your health. That's one reason why I love tailgating. … [Read more...]

Save Some Sweet Money with MasterCard Fuel Rewards #FuelFamilyFun #MC

    When I think about Summertime, the first thing that comes to mind is family. The kids are out of school for the summer. We are always looking for things to do. Being that they are home for the summer for almost three months, we always try to save money where we can. Saving money … [Read more...]

Fun Ways to Get Kids to Eat Dairy This Summer! #EverydayDairy

Summer is here and it's hot. We live in California and today it was 104 degrees at 8:00 pm. Yes, at nighttime. That is crazy hot. I'm one of those people that like to beat the heat by staying inside with the central A/C. Sometimes kids don't seem to care how hot it is outside, they still want to … [Read more...]