Happy Mother’s Day!

  I'm a little late on this - I have been with family today. I just wanted to be sure and wish you all a Happy Mother's Day!    … [Read more...]

Happy {late} Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I really wanted to post this earlier - things were just crazy busy today! It seemed that the day was on fast forward. First Easter baskets, showers, a trip to the store, cleaning, cooking & eating Easter dinner, egg hunting and more cleaning! I'm proud to say that I … [Read more...]

Happy New Year from Mom with a dot com!

Happy New Year! Hopefully you all haven't forgot about me. For the past couple of months, my RSS Feed & my email subscriptions have been down & not working. Numerous people tried to fix the problem with no luck - until today! My hubby fixed it today. He had previously spent hours on it but … [Read more...]