Ask Questions and Get Advice with Sears Shop Your Way

You  may already know that I love shopping. What you might not know is half the time I don't end up buying anything because I can't make a decision. Sometimes I have questions with nobody to answer them. Sometimes you just need advice. I have great news about shopping at Sears. The Sears Shop Your … [Read more...]

Free Two Day Shipping with Shop Your Way!

  When a company offers to let you try a service before paying for it, that tells me they stand behind their product. Plus, wouldn't you want to be sure you enjoy something before you shell out your hard earned cash for it? Of course. That is exactly what Shop Your Way allows. For … [Read more...]

Redecorate for Less with Kmart’s Semi Annual Home Sale!

At some point, Winter will come to an end. Spring will be here and that is the time of year I love to open the windows, turn the music up and enjoy a clean house. Part of satisfying the need of mine is replacing things in my home that have seen their fair share of wear and tear. Whether you stay … [Read more...]

Shop Happy at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores

I'm all about technology. One thing about me is that I always want the latest and greatest mobile phone. I usually can't wait for my upgrade. It's important for me to be able to visit a store and leave with complete confidence. I love upgrading and doing all my mobile business with Best Buy. So when … [Read more...]

Hire a Kmart or Sears Personal Shopper Free or Sign Up to Become One! #PersonalShopper

Some people like the retro look. I get it - it's totally "in" right now. Maybe you don't necessarily like it but you are stuck in a rut and don't know how to shop for just the right things. A Personal Shopper might just be what you need. As a Shop Your Way Member at Sears and Kmart, you have access … [Read more...]

Save Money for the Holidays with a Cheap Wireless Plan

It's not secret that I love technology. I love everything about it - except how expensive it can be sometimes. My current cell phone plan cost too much, in my opinion. For the indecisive service I receive, it's not worth the price I pay. By indecisive, I mean sometimes it works and sometimes it … [Read more...]

Make Shopping Easier with Kmart Layaway #KmartLayaway @Kmart

With so many birthdays and the holidays every year, I don't always plan ahead. It comes quicker than I want it to. I get stuck running to the store, trying to find a gift. All three of my children's birthdays are within one month and not even a couple of months before Christmas. Yes, I said it - … [Read more...]

Save on College Necessities with @Kmart #KmartBacktoSchool

This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own. For many people, when they hear Back to School, they think of the younger generation. In our house, we have one in high school, one in elementary, one in preschool and my significant other is starting … [Read more...]

New England Pot Roast Sandwiches | Meal Recipe

 With a busy family of five, I'm always looking for quick and easy meals. Now that the kids are back in school, my crockpot can be my best friend. I can put dinner on in the morning, get work done and not have to worry about cooking in the evening. We get tired of having the same things over … [Read more...]

How to Save Money with Back to School Deals on Coupons.com + $150 Giveaway

It's here - back to school time! My daughter is so excited to go into fifth grade. It's her last year in elementary school and then she is off to junior high! My oldest son will be done with high school in about two months. Time goes back so quick, too quick. Our little guy won't even start … [Read more...]