Cuddle Covers Review

 Cuddle Covers could just be your child's new best friend. They are made with hypo-allergenic and ultra-soft polyester. They have a texture that is similar to velvet. The covers are durable enough to withstand putting them through the washer and dryer.  Cuddle Covers are available in … [Read more...]

Nature’s Sleep Terry Slippers | Walk Around the House in Comfort!

 Nature's Sleep is an innovative global manufacturer that designs products to promote comfort, health and peaceful sleep. Their products are luxurious and affordable. They also carry organic materials. They rely on sustainable practices that protect the earth's natural resources. Nature's Sleep … [Read more...]

Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids [Review]

  As a mom, one of the things I struggle with most is taking care of myself. I tend to not eat healthy or exercise. After starting Nutrisystem, I started losing weight while doing no exercise at all. Then that was over... and I realized I needed to get off my behind and start doing something … [Read more...]

Eat Smart GetFit Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Being healthy is something everybody should strive for. I know it's something I struggle with every day. I'm always looking for new, innovative ways to stay on track. EatSmart also knows that maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle is a constant challenge. Luckily, EatSmart provides great … [Read more...]

ella • grace designs | pretty little things [review]

 ella • grace designs was started by Kelly who handcrafted fabulous accessories for her friend, Rita (no, it's not me). Rita had a boutique in New Hampshire and the products would sell out as soon as they arrived. They wanted to bring these amazing products to other shops.  That is … [Read more...]

Rayovac Roughneck LED Flashlight Review

  I'm sure you all know who Rayovac is and what they make. I'm sure the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Rayovac is stanard batteries and flashlights. One might think there would only be a couple of different flashlights to choose from; however, they make everything from … [Read more...]

My Little Pony | Providing Fun for Many Years

  My Little Pony has been around for ages! I had my own extensive collection as a child. I'm sure I had just about every single one. I remember when they came out with the scented ones - those were cool! It was exciting for me to see My Little Pony still around now that I have my own daughter. … [Read more...]

Keep Kids Busy with a Hexbug Nano Glow in the Dark Habitat Set

Hexbugs are such a great item! My family is very much into innovation, electronics, physics and just how things work. These miniature robotic bugs were such a hit with all of us (yes, even us adults). They have such an assortment to choose from: crabs, inchworms, ants, nanos, spiders, larva and the … [Read more...]

Pamper Your Skin with a PMD Personal Microderm Device

  Do you have fine lines, blemishes, enlarged pores or wrinkles? Keep reading because there is a solution to achieve younger looking skin! The PMD Personal Microderm is a microdermabrasion device that can be used in the comfort of your own home. That's right - you can save time … [Read more...]

Dr. Hess Udder Ointment & Udder Sticks

Dr. Hess Udder Ointment specializes in healing skin care ointment. They have products such as udder ointments that provide quick relief from dry skin, eczema, cracked heels and cuticles, chapped lips, athletic chafing, burns, abrasions, diabetic damages skin and more! They also have Bull Ball … [Read more...]