Shop Happy at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores

I'm all about technology. One thing about me is that I always want the latest and greatest mobile phone. I usually can't wait for my upgrade. It's important for me to be able to visit a store and leave with complete confidence. I love upgrading and doing all my mobile business with Best Buy. So when … [Read more...]

My Experience Saving Money with Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plan

You may remember me sharing with you about how I was going to try saving money for the Holidays by trying out the Walmart Family Mobile wireless plan. I have been trying out the plan now for a month and it's time for me to share with you my experience over the last 30 days. For my wireless … [Read more...]

Unplug with Your Family – Take the Tech Timeout Pledge!

Technology is a huge part of my life. My entire family is technology driven. I don't mind. In my opinion, being more adapt to technology will further your success. For some of us, it seems that we live, eat and breathe technology. Sometimes we need a break, a Tech Timeout. The Tech Timeout … [Read more...]

Save Money for the Holidays with a Cheap Wireless Plan

It's not secret that I love technology. I love everything about it - except how expensive it can be sometimes. My current cell phone plan cost too much, in my opinion. For the indecisive service I receive, it's not worth the price I pay. By indecisive, I mean sometimes it works and sometimes it … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Television at Your Fingertips with Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC, through its contractor, Mom Central Consulting, provided a promotional item as a thank you to the blogger who made this post for participating in this campaign.  The opinions and experiences expressed in this post are solely the bloggers opinions, … [Read more...]

Moto X | An Inside Look at the New Motorola Phone

Last month, I had the honor of attending a super secret Motorola private meeting hosted by Guy Kawasaki at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. You'll want to read about my experience (I even met famous people). My NDA has finally been lifted and I can tell you all about the new … [Read more...]

My Secret Meeting with Guy Kawasaki at Google HQ

  Now that you know all about the new Motorola phone, Moto X, let me tell you about my experience at my secret meeting with Motorola. This private event was hosted by Guy Kawasaki himself at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. I was so excited to attend because I love … [Read more...]

Pictures of the Android Lawn Statues at Google HQ

It's really no secret. If you are an Android fan like me, you know all about the different versions of Android. You know what I'm talking about - all those cute dessert names. I'm sure you know about the Android lawn statues that are at Google Headquarters too. I have always wanted to see them in … [Read more...]

Having Fun with Pictures at Google Headquarters

  If you don't know, I have quite the obsession with Google, especially Android. The little green Android robot is so adorable! I'm surprised I don't have a ridiculously large collection of them by now. The only reason I didn't come home with any was because the Google gift store was closed. … [Read more...]

New, Convenient & Affordable Wardrobe with Tracy’s Closet

Our kids outgrow clothes. We get tired of them. We all need a change and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is we don't always have the money to buy the latest fashion or something new. Plus, at some point, we are bound to run out of room. Sure, there are consignment shops. I don't know … [Read more...]