Shaklee 180 Three Month Video Update #thisisme

I'm letting down my guard and letting go. I'm letting go of my excuses and my inability to lose weight. This is the time that my life will change. Not might. Not needs to. It will. I'm fed up. Here I tell you about me, my struggles and whatever else I start to ramble about. This is my Shaklee 180 … [Read more...]

Talking Dogs? What If Dogs Could Talk? In This Video They Can!

Are you a dog person? We have a female boxer (Carly). Sometimes, I wish I knew what was on her mind. What if dogs could talk? Do you wonder what they would really say? In this funny new video, dogs can talk and we finally know what they want! Dogswell is launching their Jerky Bars. They now … [Read more...]

Messy, Funny Kid Videos from YouTube

So we have all seen messes in our days. Some of them are worse than others. These are just a couple of messy but funny kid videos I came across in about five minutes on YouTube. I imagine that if I searched longer, I would come across some pretty crazy ones. When my oldest son (who is now 17) was … [Read more...]