Celebrate With Expression’s Maggie Bag Review


Can a woman have too many bags or purses? No, I think not. What a great opportunity I was blessed with to test drive the amazing Large Messenger Maggie Bag available at Celebrate With Expression before Black Friday shopping! I have seen only one other “seat belt” bag while at Disneyland last Christmas and, to be honest, the price was cost prohibitive. This bag is currently at an AMAZING price, regularly $99.95 it is clearance priced at $44.95.

My first initial thoughts upon seeing the bag was that it has a wild vibe to it. The feeling of the bag is that of a sturdy well built bag that would last. My only real reservation was the weight of the bag before I put anything in it, the weight of the bag is about 1.5 pounds. I thought surely. by the end of Black Friday shopping, the bag would be too heavy and cumbersome with all my stuff in it. My “stuff” includes a large binder full of coupons. This binder alone can weigh up to five pounds when filled to the brim with coupons.


As thoughts of sales prices began dancing around inside my head, I decided it was time to extend the shoulder strap on the bag in preparation of our shopping journey. I instantly revisited days of old when I could not get the seatbelt to move through the buckle in my old 1970’s Toyota Corolla. This was not a problem with the strap and buckle on the bag. The belt slid up and down with ease and easily adjusted from an under the arm bag to a hip tote.

The kids began chirping in my ears that it was time to leave, so I loaded up the Maggie bag with all my tools. The inside lining had space for my phone, calculator, pencil and highlighter. I then added my coupon binder to the bag and it fit perfectly inside; although, it was a little too big to allow the zipper to zip, this was okay, as it allowed for easy access to the binder. Off we went to brave the crazy stores with ease and, to be honest, the weight of the bag didn’t even come to mind. It actually became a space buffer at some points in the maneuvering of the stores.

Inside of Maggie Bag

After all the shopping, we decided to go to the movies which led to another great thing about the large messenger bag. I don’t know if you have been to a movie theater lately but to take three young girls the snacks alone would cost a week’s worth of wages! So we emptied out the bag and went by Dollar Tree for some cheap snacks. Can you believe that the bag fit in two tall Gatorades, two bags of chips (we let the air out), three large candy boxes, a 20 ounce bottled soda and still had room for my wallet and keys! The only downside to the bag is that the width of the items wouldn’t allow the zipper to close with ease. We had to have one hold the zipper together while the other zipped. I thought surely the zipper would break as we crammed a huge amount of snacks into the bag. The zipper held out like a champion boxer which goes to show the craftsmanship and excellent sourcing of materials.

I’ve had many purses over the years – many different sizes, shapes and styles. I have to say that I am sure that this Maggie Bag (which you can find at Celebrate with Expression) will be in my collection forever. The Maggie Bags available on the site have a variety of prices, sizes and styles. I’m sure everyone can find one that will fit your lifestyle and budget, without breaking the bank.

I was truly excited to learn that Celebrate with Expression was founded on the idea of savvy shopping and eco-friendly products. The owners Ashley and Todd, started the business with an excellent concept that allowed some of their favorite products to be showcased at competitive pricing. They also wanted the gifts to be celebrated with expression by the recipient. In addition, they offer price matching and personal customer service. If you find any of their products at a lower price you can contact them directly and they will handle it. The site has a wonderful array of gifts that would fit any member of the family, so hop on over and check them out.

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