Cheap Wireless Plans Are The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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There are so many Holidays and occasions coming up that we need to buy gifts for. There’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduations happening everywhere. For me, it’s always hard finding the right gift for my Mom. You might have that problem too. Maybe you have someone graduating junior high or high school. Staying connected to family is super important. You can do just that with Walmart Family Mobile and their cheap wireless plans.

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Back in February, I purchased the Alcatel One Touch Evolve mobile phone for my daughter as her Valentine’s Day present. This phone was under $100. I imagined we would have to push hard on the screen, etc. Nope. This phone is sturdy and functional. Even if something happens to it, I would be paying less for a new phone than I would be for a phone with insurance through a contracted company.

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My daughter is only ten but she is going into junior high next school year. We thought this would be the perfect time to have a trial and error run before unleashing her with a phone. She gets to use it on some evenings during the week, when she goes to her activities and over to friend’s houses. I like to be in contact with her when we are not together.

So far, everything has went smoothly. Although, the phone is able to run many apps, we’re not ready for that. Even when she gets the phone more often, we are not allowing social media access yet. We’ll wait a few years for all that. We have a cell phone contract in place and fully enforce it. She only has a select few contacts that she is allowed to communicate with.

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With all that being said, you could apply this theory to many people in your life – mom, dad, graduates, kids, brother, sister. The phones and monthly plans are affordable and there is no contract. I love that if we decide a phone is not the right fit for our daughter right now, we can cancel it with no fees. Then, when she’s ready, we can just start up a new plan. We can do all of this from online too!

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Walmart has a great selection of phones to choose from. They also have a couple different levels of monthly service. Be sure to stop by the electronics department and check it out – it just might be the next great gift you are looking for.

So tell me this…

What gifts are you giving to your loved ones?




  1. I love that you’re daughter is loving her phone. Sounds like the perfect plan for pre-teens and grads! #client

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