Children’s Hospital: The Complete Third Season on DVD

 If you like comedies, parodies and hospital drama shows, I’m sure you know about Children’s Hospital. At this Children’s Hospital doctors do not work on Saturdays; obviously, that is not practical or realistic. However, it makes for good, crude (not recommended for children) entertainment. The complete third season of Children’s Hospital is now available on DVD. If you’re interested in the DVD, you can find it in the WBShop.

Have you ever came up with some crazy excuse as to why a task, job… or anything really, couldn’t be completed? I know a couple of people that have some issues with social networking. One of them is just plain addicted to Facebook – they do not get out too often because they don’t want to leave their computer. Recently, someone I know hired a housekeeper for a minimum of two hours a day that way she would have more time to invest into Farmville – yes, that crazy farm game on Facebook.  

The following video may not be suitable for children
Childrens Hospital: The Complete Third Season on… by thewbdotcom

Is there something that you give excuses for that way you don’t have to do it? Are you trying to convince someone? Did it work?


I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Childrens Hospital.’