Conquering Thinning Hair with Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers

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Men find it hard to talk about certain things in life – balding and going grey are a couple of them. My main squeeze has a few grey hairs coming in. He avoids it and I bring it up. I don’t mind it one bit. It’s actually kind of sexy. He has a pretty thick head of hair; however, there are a couple of scars on his head where hair does not grow. He doesn’t like to talk about that either. 

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I love him dearly. He could go completely grey or completely bald and it wouldn’t change a thing. Being able to try out the Viviscal Man products were one of those things where I didn’t ask him if he was interested beforehand. I just agreed. I knew that I would have to just take charge and that is exactly what ended up happening. 

I brought it up. He declined. I played around with it and he told me I was fascinated by the weirdest things. Then (when he was in a playful mood), I brought up the scars and showed him a before and after picture of a balding man. I also showed him the bottle of fibers. Things like that intrigue him. It kind of looked like the magnetic shavings (but finer) on the Wooley Willy’s. Remember those? 

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Anyway, Viviscal has just launched their Hair Filler Fibers. They are electrostatically charged fibers that stick to your hair and make it appear volumized. Basically, it makes your thinning hair look thicker and fuller in seconds. It’s easy to apply. You just shake the fibers onto your hair and blend by scattering them. Then you wash your hands and you’re done. It doesn’t run or smear with sweat. It will actually last until it is washed out with shampoo. 

Maybe you are a woman. Maybe you need some coverage or volume. Guess what? Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers can be used on men and women! It comes in five natural colors that include dark brown/black, auburn, light brown, blonde and grey. One bottle will typically last a month. Sounds expensive, right? Wrong. It’s totally affordable at only $24.99 a bottle. It’s available on Viviscal’s website and at Walgreens.com. Right now through the month of July, you can save 10% at Walgreens.com by using the promo code "VIVISCALMAN." How awesome is that?!

Do you experience thinning hair? 
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  1. Yes Viviscal really works! I love it. I tool the vitamin supplements and noticed not only re-growth,but my hair looked better over all.I wish I could afford to keep taking it!