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 Creativity for Kids by Faber-Castell creates amazing craft kits that can keep your children busy for hours. If you are a mom (or anyone that knows kids), you know they get bored easy and fast! What better way to keep them busy than to keep their minds flowing with creativity! Their kits come with everything you need to complete the projects. 

There are many different craft kits – something for everyone. There are kits for various age groups. They have kits for pre-school aged children and up! The kits don’t get boring with age. I think I had just as much fun with them as the kids did (and the hubby too!) We made some great projects, a huge mess and some wonderful memories! We received the Mossy Meadows Gnome Garden, Fashion Bracelets and the Deluxe Glitter Art kits. 

The first creative kit we tried was the Mossy Meadows Gnome Garden. With this kit, we got to create a home for three little gnomes. The kit includes:

  ‣  garden dish   ‣  potting mix
  ‣  wheat grass seeds   ‣  bark house
  ‣  leaf shaped pond   ‣  mossy rocks
  ‣  stepping stones   ‣  resin gnomes
  ‣  toadstools   ‣  ladybugs
  ‣  paint   ‣  brush
  ‣  water mister    ‣  directions

It came with absolutely everything we needed. We just had to add our creativity, add water and give it some sunshine. We all participated in making this one. My {almost} three year old loved it! I think he wanted to hang out with the gnomes and ladybugs but I convinced him they needed to stay in their environment. Once everything was painted, everyone was a little impatient so I got out the hair dryer to speed things up a bit. 

This project was really fun. The directions warned us we would have a mess with the potting soil. I’m proud to say the potting soil did not make a mess. However, I do still have some yellow paint on my finger. It was so much fun and with this project, there really is no end. We get to anxiously await the growth of our wheat grass! I will be sure to post pics once they grow. I’m letting the kids be in charge of this because plants do not survive in my care. 

Our next project was Fashion Bracelets. Basically you get the materials to create all sorts of fashionable bracelets. This kit surprised me (you’ll find out why). The kit included:   

  ‣  yards of premium ribbon   ‣  satin cord
  ‣  beautiful trims   ‣  floss
  ‣  5 wide plastic bracelets   ‣  scissors
  ‣  10 skinny metallic bracelets   ‣  glue
  ‣  directions   ‣  tape

If you know me (at all), you know I’m not too crafty; although, I have high hopes that someday I will magically acquire the skill. Anyway, I was thinking this one was all on my eight year old daughter. Well she needed some inspiration and I didn’t know what I was doing so Dad stepped in. At this point, I put our little guy to bed and was hoping they would be finished by the time I woke up. They weren’t. So I decided to make one bracelet. One led to two and then another. It was so much fun! This was a surprise to me. 

My favorite item that was included was the double sided and very skinny tape. This made it so easy to get the ribbon to stay on the bracelet (without this, we might not have survived). I really didn’t think I would be able to create anything worth wearing but my daughter loved my creation (and better than Dad’s – but shhh….). In the end, they turned out pretty great! 

The last project we worked on was the Deluxe Glitter Art Kit. This kit was very deluxe. There were so many different things we could create. The kit included:   

  ‣  glitter glue   ‣  glitter stickers
  ‣  glitter shaker tubes   ‣  glitter paper
  ‣  greeting cards   ‣  gift tags
  ‣  envelopes   ‣  craft glue
  ‣  trinket boxes   ‣  ribbon

This was a fun and very messy project. I’m still convinced that I brushed my teeth with glitter that night. Anyway, there were so many different options of things we could create! Dad had a blast with this one – he made the most creations. They were silly and some ‘over-the-top’ but he had fun. My daughter really liked making a trinket box and insisted we put the other two aside for when she has a friend stay the night. My 16 year old made a card for his girlfriend. Because our little guy was already asleep for the night, I made him a ‘twinkle’ greeting card. 

We have never had so much fun with glitter! We were having a great time and laughing while we were making our masterpieces. We were all sleepy and being very silly. We were giving Dad a hard time for making such ‘over-the-top’ creations and so he made me this (in reference to my obsession with Android).

The Creativity for Kids are really amazing products. After browsing around their website, I have found so many other projects I would love to get for my kids (okay… me too). All of their kits are very reasonably priced, especially for including so much. With three birthdays and Christmas right around the corner, I will definitely be shopping here in the future. If you want to pick up a kit and don’t have the time to wait, they carry the kits at Toys "R" Us! Be sure to follow Creativity for Kids on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up on the latest news! 

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