Cuddle Covers Review

 Cuddle Covers could just be your child’s new best friend. They are made with hypo-allergenic and ultra-soft polyester. They have a texture that is similar to velvet. The covers are durable enough to withstand putting them through the washer and dryer. 

Cuddle Covers are available in six different animals: Berry the Bear, Louie the Lion, Kit the Cat, Max the Dog, Don the Dinosaur and Izzy the Unicorn. As you can see, they are very vibrant and full of life. They easily unzip to insert the pillow and become full of life.

The Cuddle Covers come nicely in a box, perfect for gift giving.

When we first pulled them out, they were very soft and cuddly just as they were. 

Cuddle Covers also offers an Official Cuddle Covers pillow. They are made to fit just right in the Cuddle Covers. They have fun animal print on the outside and are also hypoallergenic. 

My son loved how fluffy the pillows were. I’m sure he would have loved to keep all three of them all to himself. Honestly, these pillows are better quality than the pillow I sleep with at night.

My son chose the Don the Dinosaur and he loves to rest his head on him. 

He even dances with Dino. 

My daughter chose Max the Dog.

She brings him out of her room every time she’s relaxing in the living room.

My oldest son chose Izzy the Unicorn. He thought his choice was humorous; however, he does sleep with Izzy every night. So I’m okay with his humorous choice. 

So… I made him pose for more than one picture, even though he would rather not. 

Overall, the kids thoroughly enjoyed their Cuddle Covers. They would definitely make a great gift. With Christmas right around the corner, this is definitely something to consider! You can purchase them on their website


  1. Vanessa Richard says:

    love these and that the cover is washable my son has 2 pillow pets he loves but the dogs lay on them and they cant be washed makes me so irritated he would love one of these

  2. That is such a great idea! I love that they are washable covers.

  3. These would be wonderful for the kids to take along on our Christmas vacation. Then they would have something to snuggle with on our overnight stays along the way πŸ™‚

  4. These are too cute. My 4 year old would love the unicorn while my 2 year old would love the dog.

  5. Thanks for your review πŸ™‚ My main concern with such products are that they are made of a soft cuddly(vs scratchy)material and that they are durable. I was glad to read that Cuddle Covers meets both criteria.

  6. Kristen H says:

    These look so neat! I’ve never heard of these before, but I know my daughter would love one…especially the unicorn cover. Thanks for the review!

  7. My daughter would love Louie the Lion!

  8. Keisa Rogers says:

    These are awesome i won the unicorn a few months ago πŸ™‚

  9. These are so cute and look very soft and cuddly.

  10. i like the bear one and use it for my collection

  11. cassandra says:

    I think that one of my favorite features is the pillow cover, that is really nice. And seeing the photo of the dino one I think I really like that one lol.

  12. Tami Valentine says:

    My daughter would love Izzy the Unicorn. She’s nuts about then. It looks so soft and cuddly. Even the pillow looks plush!

  13. I like the unicorn. I’m (well never mind how old I am.) I still have my Cabbage Patch kids,Care Bears… this would be a nice addition.

  14. These are cute – my daughter likes the dog.

  15. Taryn Pasco says:

    These were such a cute idea! It looks like your kids love them! My daughter is crazy about stuffed animals so I know she’d love these!!

  16. Elizabeth Bailey says:

    It’s good to know that older kids seem to like them too. Originally Iwas thinking I could get one for my son (He’s moving into a big boy bed soon… but I have 3 daughters that would probably love them too. Thanks for the review.

  17. Mary Gallardo says:

    These are so cute! haha Your older son looks thrilled to be holding the unicorn pillow! =)

  18. I love the idea of these!! They look very cuddly and soft πŸ™‚ I love that you can wash AND dry them, especially with my little one, that is a very important factor when I look for new cuddly friends for her.

  19. Donna Cheatle says:

    The colors look so bright and vibrant! They really do look squishably soft!

  20. sara m ford says:

    way cool I would love to get one for my daughter

  21. That’s so neat that the older kids like them too πŸ™‚ I may have to invest in one myself, hehe I like the bright colors on them too. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  22. These are adorable! I think it’s wonderful that they are durable enough to go in the washer and dryer.

  23. kimberly velkovski says:

    i think my daughter would like izzy because she is purple. but she is 9 is she too old for this? anyhow, they are very cute

    • I don’t think you are ever too old for these. My son is three and loves his. My daughter is nine also and she loves hers. She uses it mostly for watching tv or when she is out in the living room. My oldest son is 17 and he sleeps with his every night. πŸ™‚

  24. Gina Brickell says:

    My son loves items like this. He is 5 and still loves stuffed animals, pillow pets etc. Know he’s love these too!! just one more thing to add to his collection πŸ™‚

  25. These are too cute for kids of all ages!

  26. The pillows do look so fluffy! I am loving Izzy!

  27. Patricia Williams says:

    My boys have a dog pillow that goes where they go in the house. They aren’t easy ti wash though and that drives me crazy. These would be perfect for them.

  28. Christian Alejandro N. says:

    I like the colors. I think this would be a favorite at Christmas!

  29. Sandy VanHoey says:

    In the pics, these looks so comfortable and real soft. I love how they have a variety for a child to choose his/her favorite. It’s really hard to pick just one so I can understand your son having a difficult time and wanting them all.

  30. I love that these are hypo allergenic! They look so soft, too!

  31. These are awesome