Dad’s Take on R.L. Stine’s Grampires!

These vampires are not to be feared. That’s because they aren’t really vampires – they are Grampires. R.L Stine has done it again by bringing another series full of mystery, suspense, humor and a little bit of horror. The Haunting Hour just kicked off the third season with a two-part episode called Grampires on The Hub. I have to admit, it wasn’t a show that I (a non-TV-watching Dad) minded sitting through. Nor is it a show that I have to worry about my kids seeing something inappropriate. 

There was no better way for this show to start than by bringing in a familiar face to the older generations. You might recognize "Doc" from Back to the Future as the grandpa. His character alone gave the show a friendly atmosphere. 

Every eye was glued to the screen while we watched this show. A house full of people ranging from two years old and up to 32 years old. We all were held in suspense. Not that this is some deep mystery thriller, but it had just enough of the right ingredients to make for a good show. Check out the trailer below. Let me know what you think and be sure to check out Rita’s fun party post


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