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I’m a hopeless romantic. True story. My man is not. True story. Although he keeps it simple on his end, he completely appreciates the sweet gestures that I do for him on just about every single holiday. Valentine’s Day is the one holiday I usually lay it on thick. I had quite a few things planned for him this year including “14 Days of Valentine’s Day,” a “normal” Valentine’s Day gift and fun date night ideas – let’s just say it involves his and her personal lubricants.

14 Days of Valentines Day #KYdatenight #ad

Now that I have grabbed your attention, let me elaborate on some of those fun ideas I have planned for my sweetheart. I started with “14 Days of Valentine’s Day.” Originally, I got the idea from Maybe I will…’s blog. Because I planned this back in January (way before I knew I was going to write this post), I don’t have any fabulous pictures of all my gifts. You will see day four above. They were all pretty much the same. They included the day tag, a Valentine’s Day card and a sweet message on the inside that played off of the gift.

14 Days of Valentine's Day Printable

Download Valentine

Here is the printable for the tags I created. Many of them, I got from the blog I mentioned above; however, I had to switch a couple up because he wouldn’t have enjoyed them. Also, her tags were around a long distance relationship and mine is right here. So, feel free to download and use them for yourself!

I don’t know about you but I get everyone in our house a little something for Valentine’s Day… so, even though the night will get spiced up a bit, I still had to present something to Dad during the day, along with the kids.

Valentines Day gift Clean Version #KYdatenight #adAlong with my kids’ gifts, will be my husbands (clean version) Valentine’s Day gift. I feel like I went all out this year. My daughter’s gift is pretty amazing and this basket is pretty full… I still have to get my boys something. My husband’s gift basket included:

  • Stuffed Monkey
  • $10 Starbuck’s Gift Card
  • Chocolates (he’ll probably give those to me)
  • Candy (he prefers over chocolate)
  • Pack of Boxers (I’m tired of him “running out”)
  • Heartfelt Greeting Card that says how I’ve loved him all along…

I’m sure he’s not expecting much considering I’ve been giving him a small gift every day for the past 14 days… but I’m an overachiever.

Date Night Essentials #KYdatenight #adThe kids have to sleep at some point, right? That’s when I’m going to grab the basket (yes, I recycle) and fill it up with these naughty goodies and make up his “After Hours” version gift basket. This basket contains all the sexy stuff including:

  • XXXopoly Board Game (hot version of Monopoly?)
  • Tasteful Lingerie (because I don’t do strings)
  • Chocolate (again, I’m sure this is mine)
  • Chocolate Stirrers for a nice hot cup of coffee (we might need it)
  • Peppermint Conversation Hearts (for our coffee breath)
  • “Under the Sheet” Spray (to give the evening a fresh scent)
  • A Candle (to set the mood)
  • K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricant (because this stuff sounds amazing)

K-Y Mine+Yours #KYdatenight #ad

The K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricant is something I’m excited about. Basically, his provides a warming sensation and hers provides a tingling sensation. When put together, they are magical.

Valentines Day Fun #KYdatenight #adTheir look is one thing I love about them. They aren’t in a plain white, boring bottle. They come in super cute tubes that are beautiful colors. Plus, they have the black plastic piece that keeps the two together. You wouldn’t want to lose half of the magic now, would you?

KY Yours+Mine HisHers #KYdatenight #adUnder normal circumstances, you would find them packaged near the family planning section in the above (attractive packaging). I love their tagline – “His excites. Hers delights. Together fell them ignite.” Let me tell you, right now, it’s not normal circumstances. There’s an amazing deal waiting for you.

K-Y at Walmart #KYdatenight #adRight now, at Walmart, there are specially marked boxes of K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants where they are giving you the ultimate date night in! You will get a dinner and a movie (a $40 value)! Yes, they are hooking you up with a gourmet meal for two from Plated.com. They will send you all the ingredients and recipes, making it easy for you to simply prepare the meal. You will also get a credit for a free movie download from Vudu.com. I love Vudu because they usually have movies that are not yet available using other streaming services. I can’t wait to romance my guy yet again with this deal!

K-Y Date Night from Walmart

If you’d rather order K-Y Yours+Mine (yes, even the special Date Night offer), you can do so from Walmart.com. It’s a limited edition, so get it now before it’s too late!

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  1. prettyopinionated says:

    I love that basket, it’s awesome! How sweet that you really go all out for Valentine’s Day.

  2. Love your gift basket!!! I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!! #client

  3. I love all the clever sayings you put together. Both your baskets are full of excellent ideas for V day and any romantic date night.

  4. What a great idea. I bet he loved it.

  5. the gift basket is a great gift idea, love the contents!

  6. Some really neat ideas in there! Love the baskets you put together.

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