Didn’t Move a Lot but Lost a Little…

This week has been stressful and crazy for me. I’ve been pretty much MIA on Twitter. My car was stolen this week (you can read about that HERE) then it was found (you can read about that HERE). I’ve never been through a violating situation like this before so it’s been tough getting back into the swing of "normal life" – or however normal you would call my life. So I apologize for not being around. That will change. Even though I didn’t move a lot, I did lose a little! 

As I told you last week, I did create a food log, water intake log and a pedometer check log. I used them for a couple of days then after my car was stolen, I forgot all about them. So I’m not going to post those this week. I made a good breakfast this morning. An egg, turkey bacon and string cheese on a whole wheat thin bun. It was pretty good for what it was. My eating hasn’t been horrible. There was a day that I probably ate too much dinner because I was so stressed I didn’t eat anything all day long.

My exercise was good until my car was taken. You’d think not having a car would have my legs moving. Well, to be honest, I’m going through emotions and feelings that sound weird and I’m not even sure it’s normal to feel this way. I’m feeling paranoid kind of – like if I go walking, someone is watching me. I hope this feeling goes away. Until then, I’m going to start the 30-Day Shred and maybe locate some of these "Walk at Home" videos I keep hearing about. Honestly, I was surprised to see the result on the scale. I know I was stressed – so you’d think I would lose weight but I wasn’t as active as I’d been and didn’t eat well consistently with everything going on. But I was happy to see there was a loss.

LAST WEEK’s Weigh-In

THIS WEEK’s Weigh-In

That is a LOSS of 1.6 pounds (I’d like to see more next week)

My goals for this coming up week are:

  • To maintain all my logs that I have created
  • Do 5-6 days of cardio
  • Workout at least 3-4 days
  • Consume 100 oz of water a day
  • Accumulate at least 10,000 steps per day

Congratulations to the Sista of the Week, Lori (@gutimom)! You deserve it girl! Also, to our Sista of the Week from last week, Shannon (@TruLove821). Last week was crazy with the campaign launch, so she might have not received the attention she deserves πŸ™‚ A BIG Congratulations to our new Mamavation Moms – Jessica (@all_about_savin) and Jenny (@jennydecki)! You two are amazing women who provide great support to all of us! You are inspirations and I’m exciting to be following along through your journey! Also, I LOVE that this week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Chiquita Banana! Banana’s are one of my favorite quick things to eat that is satisfying! Yummy! Visit their site to learn lots of great, healthy facts!

Also, don’t forget to nominate me for a treadmill! I need it more than ever now! Remember only tweet the following ONE TIME. If you’ve already done so, thank you very much! Tweet, Tweet!

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  1. HUGS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry about the stress with the car. That sucks. But GREAT job with the weight loss. That is two very solid weeks in a row, right? Or is it three….wait…you are on 3. !!!

  3. I think I mentioned to you that I had a car stolen in 1997. It IS a violating experience. Don’t try to push those emotions away. Just deal with them in a positive manner.

    Here is to a MUCH BETTER week!

  4. Hey you! I’m so sorry you had such a rough week. I’m glad they found your car tho. I hope things will get back to normal for you soon and that those feelings of anxiety and fear will slowly diminish. It will get better the more distance there is between that day and now. And through it all, you still posted a loss! Way to go! This week will be better. Good luck with the Shred. Don’t let Jillian push you around too much πŸ˜‰

  5. OMG! Your car was stolen! That is just crazy! I’m going to read about that after I’m done commenting.

    Big congrats on the weight loss still! Dance dance. πŸ™‚
    And yes I’m on self hosted WP. There was somewhere in my options in the dashboard that I could thread my comments. Okay just looked. It was under Settings-Discussion-Other Comment Settings and than just check the box for threaded comments. I’m not totally sure though if just that would work on all themes though! Hope that helps you.

    Have a great week!

  6. Congrats on the weight loss!!

    I’m glad they found your car and got it back!! πŸ™‚ You had a major stressful event happen and yet you still LOST weight! Go you!

    Have a great week – things will get better! you got your car back!! YAY

  7. INSANE about your car! I’m sorry you had to go through that!!

    Good job on the loss, nonetheless!

    Hugs babe! Here’s to a better week!

  8. Hot dang on the loss! After reading about your week, I expected a gain so good on you!

  9. Amanda @beeacutie2 says:

    sorry your car was stole I had that happened in college and will never forget how I felt, but know you did great this week! wtg on your weight lose!

  10. Woot on the weightloss this week! You are on the right track! πŸ™‚ Sorry you have had a crazy hectic week… hopefully this week will be MUCH less chaotic! πŸ™‚

  11. WOOT on the loss — that’s awesome (and right in the range of where loss should be — 1-2 lbs).


  12. Rita Ann I am relieved your car was recovered, it is a very stressful experience. Try not to let your anger or frustration about the situation consume you now. Find your own way to make peace with what happened. Congratulations on your weight loss. That is amazing given the stress you faced recently.

  13. I’m so sorry about your car, but great job with that loss! Keep it up!

  14. Awesome on your loss! Keep it up!!