Don’t Get Stranded without the Rayovac 7 Hour Power!

 ReqDiscRayovac 7 Hour Power iPadThere have been many times I have been on the go and needed a charge. In our car we only have one cigarette lighter receptacle. So if one of us adults are charging our phone, there is no option to charge another phone, our iPad or iPod. Having the Rayovac 7 Hour Power as an option is great for us! Plus, what if your car battery is dead and there is no power going to your cigarette lighter? You could be stuck. 

This portable charger has enough power to give your device a complete charge. It’s a great device for instant emergency power when you need it the most. It is powered by four Rayovac AA alkaline batteries which are included! Just those four batteries will provide up to seven hours of talk time! It comes with a mini USB and iPod connector; however, it is compatible with all USB connector devices. 

I have had a chance to try the Rayovac 7 Hour Power Portable Charger out and I even made a video for you – enjoy! Be sure to like Rayovac on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up with the latest news, contests and promotions.  

Have you ever been stranded with a dead cell phone?




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