Entertainment On Board the Smooth Fitness 6.75 #SmoothBlogger


iPad on Dashboard of Smooth Fitness TreadmillTechnology is a big part of my life. So, with everything I do, I like the bells and whistles. My Smooth Fitness 6.75 Treadmill lives up to my standards. The technology on this machine, provides an array of entertainment. There are many different features that I want to share with you. In the photo above, you will see how nicely an iPad (or any other tablet) can be displayed while you are running (or walking). There are even prongs (I think that’s what you would call them) that slide over to keep your tablet in place and safe. 

Smooth Fitness Treadmill Electronic FeaturesIf you have a house full of kids like me, you probably want to just put on your headphones and get to it. That’s what I do. If you can just rock out loud, the Smooth 6.75 has speakers! At first, I was thinking, "how loud could they really be?" HA… they are louder than my television I think. The machine even comes with the double ended headphone cord that you need to make that happen. You can plug in any device that has a standard headphone jack – your phone, tablet, iPod, etc. 

Smooth Fitness Treadmill USB ChargerI’m sure you noticed the USB Charger. Yes, USB Charger. Sorry, I guess you can’t use the "my iPod is dead, I can’t run with no music" excuse. You can plug any USB device in to be charging while you are exercising. Maybe your phone needs charged. I love this convenient feature! When i first started using the machine, I watched one or two hour long shows (okay, I still do). Watching them passed time and I went a lot farther than I would have without them. My kids run my iPad to the bone, so being able to charge it while I’m using it is great! If you are wondering what shows keep me entertained while I’m running, so far it’s been Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars. Now that I’m almost caught up with PLL, I’ll have to find another show. Any suggestions?

You can visit Smooth Fitness to check out what they have to offer. Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up on their latest news and promotions. 

What shows or music keep you entertained while exercising?


  1. That is awesome! I have a hard enough time working out but being able to listen to great music really helps.

  2. The USB, brilliant! I love that all electronics and even vehicles are equipped with them. Need to stay connected when moving at all times! 😉

  3. That will definitely make it more enticing to work out lol!

  4. Even has speakers that are louder than the TV? I so need one of these. Maybe it would motivate me to exercise.


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