My Experience Saving Money with Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plan

cbiasdisc #shopYou may remember me sharing with you about how I was going to try saving money for the Holidays by trying out the Walmart Family Mobile wireless plan. I have been trying out the plan now for a month and it’s time for me to share with you my experience over the last 30 days.

Walmart Family Mobile Concord Phone #FamilyMobileSaves #shopFor my wireless experiment, I tested out the Concord wireless phone. This phone is simple, perfect for the first time smartphone user. It has everything you need to stay organized when things get busy. My favorite features for the holidays are:

  • Camera – this is great for taking pictures of those holiday gifts and messaging them to others for second opinions or to see if the recipient would like.
  • Messaging – see above reason. Plus, it’s always fun to share your memories and fun moments with other people. You can schedule things this way too. Face it, sometimes you can’t always talk on the phone.
  • Calendar – this is important when scheduling everything during the busy holiday season. I might lose my mind if it weren’t for a calendar.

Of course, the phone comes in handy to make calls. I have to admit, I have used this to entertain my kids with a game or two for the sake of my sanity.

Sprint Amount Due #FamilyMobileSaves #shopThis is my bill for one month with my current wireless provider. During this month, there was horrible service. I’m talking no data, no notifications, nothing – unless I was on WiFi. After calling, they applied a $50 discount to my account. So my bill generally runs about $230 a month. That is for four lines but keep reading and you’ll see why this is still ridiculous.

Walmart Family Mobile Price #FamilyMobileSaves #shopHere is my first month with Walmart Family Mobile. This is for unlimited talk and text. This is crazy amazing! Even adding three more lines to this, it would be half the cost of what I’m paying now! Plus, there’s no contract. This is a great option for saving money (all year round). Walmart Family Mobile really is a cheap wireless plan.

The deal maker for me was this: I was on an important client call (using my current service) when the call dropped. I couldn’t get a signal for 15 minutes on my current line. So I picked up my Concord phone (that runs on Walmat Family Mobile) and BAM – my call went through and I was able to finish up.

Walmart Family Mobile Phones #FamilyMobileSaves #shop

I would definitely recommend a Walmart Family Mobile wireless plan. It is reliable, cost efficient and they have a variety of phones to choose from. You can get something simple or complex. Yes, they even have iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy S4!  I also love that they offer online account management.



  1. As soon as my contract is up with AT&T I am getting this.

  2. Holy cannoli, you could get 4 lines with Walmart Family Mobile and you’d be saving $30 per line per month (If my early morning math is correct ;))! I’m glad that you are enjoying this phone, I just bought one for my fiance for Christmas. I already have a WFM plan for myself so I know it’s going to be great for him!

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