Facebook Advertising is a Goldmine for Bloggers


With so many opportunities out there for bloggers, it’s easy to overlook the gold mine that is sitting right in front of us. We chase one opportunity after another and the chasing will never end because the last one wasn’t enough.

Not only do we chase paid opportunities over and over, we write our asess off trying to grab a piece of viral fame in the social world. We’re hoping that one post gets shared enough and goes viral, our blog will take off and we’ll never look back.

Unfortunately, for most of us, it doesn’t work that easy. We still settle for the unpaid reviews; after all, something is better than nothing.

Then I found a better way. I found a way that I could re-use all of my website traffic and actually make money from it. No more chasing reviews and trying to be the next viral sensation. I found another way.

Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you what that other way is. However, you have to promise you will go tell all of the bloggers you know about this post. Is that a deal? I mean, I’m going to tell you (for FREE) how I make money from my blogger influence, so I hope you’re willing to freely share this information as well.

So here it is.


Huh? Facebook?

Yep. Now let me explain.

My fiance, who is a Facebook marketing expert, kept telling me about these things called Website Custom Audiences. They have to do with Facebook ads, so it was way over my head… at first. But then he explained some things to me and it all made sense. So let me tell you.

Website Custom Audiences (WCA’s) are lists of people who visited a certain website, page on a website, or a combination of pages they did and didn’t visit. Bloggers need to be using WCA’s.
So you start using them… then what do you do? You show those visitors more stuff that they like. It can be anything. You can show them another post like the one they visited. You can lead them to a product on Amazon to purchase and collect affiliate commission. You can also just simply ask them to like your page.

No matter how you use your WCA’s, one thing’s for sure, you’re better off than not using them at all.

Imagine this: Imagine you write a blog post about a Disney movie. You know that everyone who reads that article has an interest in Disney movies. That post goes viral and you’re ecstatic because you’re sure you will get a ton of new followers. But two weeks later the traffic is gone and you’re back to where you were when you started.

Now imagine if you had a WCA in place. You would have a huge list of people who you know like Disney. So you create a quick Facebook ad targeting those people and asking them to come back and read your other Disney posts. Also, you could show them the same Disney movie on sale at Amazon, dropping in your affiliate link so you make commission.

There are limitless amounts of options for bloggers to make use of these WCA’s to help grow our blogs. I have only given you a few hints. If you want to learn more ways, connect with me and convince me to share those ways with you.

For now, here’s how you set up your WCA’s (You must have a Facebook Ads account. Chances are you do because you are given one when you are a Facebook Page Admin).

Step 1: Go to http://www.facebook.com/ads/audience_manager/
Step 2: Click the button that says “Create a Custom Audience”
Step 3: Click “Website Traffic”
Step 4: Agree to terms and click “Create Web Remarketing Pixel”
Step 5: Copy the code then click “Create Audience”
Step 6: Place the code in your blog’s header between <head> </head>
Step 7: Pat yourself on the back because you are done.

Now that you have your WCA pixel in place, Facebook will keep everyone on a list for you to target later on. This list is stored for 180 days and you can create segments as well. So, for example, “people who visited pages with “Disney” in the URL in the last 45 days.”

I hope this post helps you get started. Leave a comment below telling me how you used WCA’s for your blog.

Remember to keep your end of the deal. I showed you one gold mine to monetize your blog traffic, now go and share this post with your blogger friends.

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