Family Friendly Television at Your Fingertips with Comcast Xfinity

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After going without cable for over three years, we decided it was time to treat ourselves to a little family friendly television. After doing our research, we chose to sign up with Comcast Xfinity. It made sense considering Comcast was already our internet provider. We just added it to our account and saved some money for bundling the two. I’m always up for saving money. The other streaming services we were using started getting boring because the kids had watched everything of interest and there were other shows not on them. 

There are some pretty great features that accompany the Comcast Xfinity service. I love the level of entertainment programming that is kid and family friendly. We have three kids – ages 17, 9 and 3. They all enjoy watching completely different shows. My 17 year old has a basic receiver in his room – no DVR, no On Demand or premium channels. But that makes him happy. Our youngest two always watch their shows in the living room and that is where all the fun bells and whistles are at. 

Pretty Little Liars

Our three favorite features of Xfinity are the DVR, On Demand and Streampix. Personally, DVR is my best friend. I’m only loyal to about three shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Sons of Anarchy and Pretty Little Liars). I’m a mom with three kids; the chances are slim that I will get to sit down and watch these shows while they are actually on. So I DVR them and watch them later – when the kids are in bed. 

Big time Rush

For my kids, they can be demanding. So On Demand is perfect for them (pun intended). They can watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. Our three year old doesn’t have the concept of a TV guide; therefore, being able to DVR new episodes of his shows are great. Then it’s like his own little personal On Demand. Right now, you’ll find many episodes of Big Time Rush, The Haunting Hour, The Fresh Beat Band and Power Rangers saved for later. 

Xfinity Streampix

On Demand and Streampix are great. There are also over 1,000 downloadable kid shows with the Xfinity Digital TV and Streampix. We did some traveling this Summer. It was so great to have the ability to bring along our mobile devices and access their favorite shows. You can be on the road, in a hotel or at the park (or anywhere else) and access your favorite shows on the go! You won’t have anymore cranky kids, that’s for sure.

Constant Guard by Xfinity Parental Controls

Let’s talk about the important stuff… the serious stuff – parental controls. There are so many amazing features about Xfinity’s parental controls. I like that you can block access to specific types of content on TV. So if you are a parent who does not mind a little violence but you don’t tolerate sexual situations, you are able to block one and not the other. You have the options of blocking violence, sexual situations, suggestive dialogue and language. 

You can block access to all On Demand shows if you prefer. You can activate a pin on your account. In that case, you have to have a pin to order some On Demand programs and Pay-Per-View events. Then maybe your kids go and stay the night at Grandma’s house and you want to open up your access. You can temporarily bypass locks or permanently clear the locks – your choice. You can even block specific ratings for just TV programs, just movies or both. 

My Loves

Now get ready for my favorite parental control. We have HBO and the late night programming is highly inappropriate for children (obviously) – even the titles. In your settings, you can choose to replace the titles of mature programs with the words “Adult Programming” or “TV-MA Programming.” I would much rather have my kids see that than the title of a porn. I’m sure I’m not alone on this. Those kids up there are too precious to be exposed to mature content at such a young and vulnerable age.

Check out Comcast Xfinity and what they have to offer. Be sure to follow Comcast Xfinity on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up on their latest news and promotions. If you have any questions about their service, I would be happy to answer them. Leave them below and you will receive an email when I reply. 

What are your thoughts?
Do you have these great features? 
What are your must see TV Shows?
(I could use some suggestions.)


  1. Big SOA fan over here, glad they have that!

  2. My daughters have basic receiver in their room too. It is just enough for htem to have some tv but not be glued to it all day.

  3. that’s great to have TV on the go – would come in handy on roadtrips or when at hotels and TV isn’t up to par!

  4. Family-friendly content is such a must-have with children in the home. Love that they offer parental controls!

  5. I hardly ever watch TV, I don’t even remember what service we are using! Haha, this one from comcast looks great though.

  6. calichristy2 says:

    wow I feel so out of the loop a DVR isnt even in my vocab(haha) Im kind of old school we have DVDs in our truck for the kids to watch. I try not to watch late nite TV and my kids are in bed before HBO programs. I love the explanation and the examples you use. Well done!!

    • Thank you! My kids are in bed before the HBO programs too BUT the titles of those after hour shows still show up on the guide. So if they are flipping through the guide, they could come across some not nice words. I love that you can change them. Thanks for stopping by!