Fight Poverty and Shop With Traidcraft!

 I’m sure you have heard me say it before. I love the fair trade market. It’s a great opportunity to get a wide variety of beautiful items and fight poverty by assisting to provide income to third world countries. Traidcraft has a mission of fighting poverty through trade to transform lives. I completely support that – I think it’s wonderful! 

Traidcraft has a large variety of fair trade products. They have food and drink – everything from snacks to cereal, chocolate, coffee and much more (did I mention chocolate?) It doesn’t stop there. For those of you who like the finer things in life, they have handmade silver jewelry and it is absolutely beautiful! They have rings, brooches, earrings and so many other beautiful pieces for you to wear!

If you are a fashionista, they have you covered there as well. They have practical and stylish handmade bags and purses. The cloth bag with the tassel you see here is recycled! It’s so beautiful you would almost never know; however, I love the fact that it is recycled. 

Next time you are looking for a gift or a little something for yourself, remember fair trade and Traidcraft. Not only would you be getting something amazing that you want, you will also be providing an income for the poverty stricken. It’s a total win-win.