Finding a Healthy Snack Alternative with Del Monte Fruit Cups #SmartSnack #CBias

 My son? Where? No, that is certainly not my son trying to get those cookies open. I have no idea what you are talking about. 

Let’s face it. Kids don’t always eat healthy snacks. I do have to say cookies are definitely not the greatest snack. As parents, sometimes it’s hard to grab snacks on the go and pack lunches with snacks that are healthy. I mean with the time it takes to grab a sandwich bag, fill it and seal it, we could have the kids loaded in the car (almost).

We set out on a mission to find a healthier alternative than cookies, chips, candy and we can’t forget the 0% juice drinks. Even when you find what you are looking for, choosing the right one is important. After all, you want your kids to eat it. I didn’t want something heavy in syrup; however, I wanted it to be tasty and something the kids might mistake for sugar. {See our full mission trip on Google+}

Oh, you want to know what I chose? Keep reading. I also wanted something healthy, not full of sugar and more than 0% of fruit juice in it to accompany our new found snack. There are so many choices but not too many met all the criteria of what I was looking for. 

We decided on some of the new Del Monte Diced Apples & Pears with Caramel Flavor. We also chose Del Monte Diced Pears with Vanilla & Spice. Sound delicious, yes I know. We also threw in a pack of the Diced Peaches with Cinnamon & Brown Sugar for a family friend (I can’t wait to give it to them). 

It was time for the test. Even though we all tried them, my focus was on the little ones because they are the hardest to please. We had a little fun with it. They thought they were being catered to (like they normally aren’t…) because their snack taste test was being served on a "silver platter." I paired the fruit cups with a 100% juice that has no added sugar. It also is a combined serving of fruits and vegetables! 

Look how plump and juicy these look! These are the Del Monte Diced Apples & Pears with Caramel Flavor. The best part is they taste as good as they look. I loved them! As a mom, I love that they are only 60 calories per serving, gluten free and they do not have high fructose corn syrup in them! They are pretty inexpensive, as well. They end up being less than 60 cents for each cup. 

My son has always loved applesauce. I think his love for applesauce has always disinterested him in trying and liking other fruits. I wonder if he thinks by him liking something else besides applesauce I will no longer supply him with applesauce? Either way, tried both of them and enjoyed them. He ate a whole cup. This guy is a picky eater so this is kind of a big deal.

My nine year old daughter started off by informing me she is "not a fan of pears." She’s "not a fan" of a lot of things these days but I guess it just comes with the age. As you have read, both varieties of fruit cups include pears. I have a feeling she is wishing she wouldn’t have said that considering she liked them both. She also ate a whole cup during our tasting.

Keep in mind, the fruit cups were at room temperature during our taste test. We have since refrigerated them. They are delicious both at room temperature and cold. They are a great snack for the whole family. Be sure to like Del Monte on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up on the latest news and promotions. 

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  1. My kids are crazy about the fruit cups too! They are so easy and fast, I love it!

  2. We love Del Monte fruit, whether it’s it the cups or those big bottles! HEalthy and tasty!

  3. We love Del Monte Fruit cups. These look so good!

  4. These are an absolute staple in our house. Even though we love fresh fruit, you can’t beat the convenience of these from time to time.

  5. My son loved those fruit cups. They were a quick and easy snack, plus good for him.

  6. I really think that kids learn eating habits from their parents, but mostly go in stages. One day they love carrots, while the next they dont. IN the end, knowing your child is at a healthy weight and gets the right amount of activity is what important.

  7. We love Del Monte fruit cups! My 9 yr old loves the vanilla pear flavor and my 7 yr old loves the peaches with cinnamon! Thankfully they have decided they are their favorite after school snack so I don’t have to keep buying the sugar filled fruit snacks.

  8. I don’t have an picky eaters and know the kids will love these new flavors!

  9. My son is a picky eater too, but I would like to find some healthier snacks for him. I’ve been wanting to try these for him!

  10. Tiffany S. says:

    These look good! My daughter loves the regular Del Monte Fruit Cups. I am guessing she would like these as well. Thanks for the review 🙂