Fun Ways to Get Kids to Eat Dairy This Summer! #EverydayDairy

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Summer is here and it’s hot. We live in California and today it was 104 degrees at 8:00 pm. Yes, at nighttime. That is crazy hot. I’m one of those people that like to beat the heat by staying inside with the central A/C. Sometimes kids don’t seem to care how hot it is outside, they still want to play out there. I’m constantly reminding them to drink tons of water. Plus, it’s not always easy to get kids to eat in this heat. With this triple digit forecast, we are always looking for fun ways to get kids to eat while they beat the heat. I found a way to do just that and save some money at Safeway

Silly Faces with Kraft Singles

Kraft Singles Silly Faces

The kids really love sliced cheese. I try to be creative with it that way it never gets old. They like to eat it on crackers, with lunchmeat, on sandwiches and even plain. It’s easy to make some silly faces to get them laughing while they eat it. I love things like this during the summer because it’s just too hot to be cooking! 

Klondike Bars are Dairy (trust me, they are)

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

One thing I love to treat the kids with during the summer heat is popsicles and ice cream. Ice cream is a cold, delicious treat and they are getting some dairy. Milk isn’t too big of a hit around here during the heat, so I try to supplement it with what I can. The decadent Magnum bars were for us but we got the kids some Klondike bars. I was trying to hold off until tomorrow because they had just taken a bath but they weren’t going for it. They couldn’t wait. 

Freeze Some Simply Orange Juice

Simply Orange Juice Popsicles

Buying popsicles can get expensive. Not to mention, you may run out and not be headed to the store. That is when you improvise. I took some Simply Orange Juice, poured it into ice trays and inserted straws. Of course, I froze them afterwards. The kids loved them and so did Dad. I had a couple myself. They always remind me of my childhood. 

Shop at Safeway

Through July 2, 2013, if you buy $15 of select dairy products, you can save $5. Think about it. These are probably everyday dairy products that you are going to buy anyway. Might as well stock up during this promotion and save some money. When I went shopping, I was able to bring a few of our favorite things home and for a great price! Be sure to follow Safeway on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up on their latest news and promotions. 

How do you incorporate dairy into your summer routine?


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  1. Love the frozen orange juice pops! I’ve never thought of those, but will definitely have to give them a try this summer. 🙂

  2. I really wish we had a Safeway! Klondike bars are one of those treats that are perfect for the summer. Did you try the magnum treats yet? I had one over the winter and they are to die for {yes, being a hearty New England girl we eat ice cream in the winter!}

    • There’s nothing wrong with ice cream in the Winter! The Magnum bars were amazing. I mean how can you go wrong with double caramel?! I’m one of those that like extra caramel on everything. So I’m pretty sure they made these for me.

  3. Girl, I am with you on this whole “Klondike bars are dairy” statement! These are some great ways to incorporate dairy in the little bits and pieces that our kids will eat during Summertime. There’s just not enough time to stop playing and eat! 😉