Ask Questions and Get Advice with Sears Shop Your Way


You  may already know that I love shopping. What you might not know is half the time I don’t end up buying anything because I can’t make a decision. Sometimes I have questions with nobody to answer them. Sometimes you just need advice. I have great news about shopping at Sears. The Sears Shop Your Way program now has a Get Advice feature.

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With the Get Advice feature, Shop Your Way will give you the best advice on everything from baby gear to replacing kitchen appliances. You can get advice from Sears associates and recommendations Even if you want recommendations from others who may have first hand experience with products you’re looking to buy, the Get Advice feature offers that service too!

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The service is very easy to use. Any member can post a question or an answer and vote on the most helpful responses. Your questions will be answered by store associates across the country just as they would be in the store. You simply go to ShopYourWay.com and, in the Get Advice section, click on “Ask a Question.” You can also access this feature directly from a product page. Once your question is submitted, associates across the country will begin to answer it.

The Get Advice feature from ShopYourWay.com is perfect for those of you who want to get good advice from the same place where you shop – Sears.

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