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It’s that time of year again – tax time! Some of us love tax time and others, not so much. You’re either one of those that get money or owe money. Either way, you should be trying to save some money. With so many ways to get your cash in hand and fast, you might be searching for a Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one. Walmart Family Mobile has cheap wireless plans, making it affordable for you to walk out of Walmart with a phone in hand. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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Let me elaborate. Most companies only give you a couple of options. You have to sign up for a two year agreement or maybe pay the full price of the phone up front. Sometimes they allow you to make payments on a new device but who wants to add an extra $25 to the already high monthly plans so many carriers are charging these days? Not me.

In an attempt to get out of our current lock and chain contract, I don’t want to add any additional lines to my current plan but I have a slight issue. I’m a “worry mom.” We live right across the street from my daughter’s school – yet, I still worry. She is really involved with school and has an extra curricular activity every single day. Next year, she will be in junior high and that’s not right across the street. Yes, my worrying is going to become insane, I’m sure.

It’s that time. Time to get her a mobile device. I knew the time would come. She is only ten so I will be strict with the use of the phone. It’s to be turned off during school hours – she can use a school phone in the event that she needs to call me. I mainly want her to have it to get in touch with me before school and after – especially next year.

Also, as she grows up (so sad, yes, I know), she makes more and more friends. Right now, she only stays over at two friends’ house but I’m sure that will change next year. One of her friends has home phone issues and I always have a hard time getting through. If she had her own cell phone, I could just call or text her and life would be so much easier.


When I visited our local Walmart store to search for a functional and affordable device, I was surprised to find a few that were priced under $100! Even though you need a starter kit that runs $25, you can still walk out with a new, activated device for under $100 – now, you can’t do that just anywhere!

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Next, you’re probably thinking, what about the monthly charge? I have news for you. Walmart Family Mobile offers the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans. Yes, unlimited! That is really important, especially if it’s for a child (no matter their age). You get Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for a very low monthly price. One more important feature that they offer is online account management. I love being able to take care of my bills from the comfort of my computer!

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, I decided to surprise my daughter with a new cell phone. It won’t come easy. I’m guessing her room will get cleaned that day, it will stay that way and she will moan and groan when she has to sign my “child cell phone contract.”

Child Cell Phone Agreementchild cell phone contract download

My daughter is an amazing girl. We probably don’t even need a contract but it’s their for a reminder on what she can and can’t do with her new device. She helps us out a lot. This is something she has been asking for over the past couple of years but she was always just too young. I’m sure she is going to love her “sweet” surprise.

Ingredients for Valentine's Day Gift #FamilyMobile #shopThe items above are going to give my daughter a big smile on her face come Valentine’s Day. There are a few of her favorite things that include:

  • Chocolate – because every Valentine’s Day gift needs a little of it.
  • $10 Starbucks gift card – because she’s convinced that she needs a caramel frappuccino and I tell her no caffeine so it’s definitely a treat. (Plus, a cute box to put it in.)
  • Taylor Swift Perfumes – because she loves Taylor Swift and just ran out of her “Hannah Montana” perfume (darn <– sarcasm) I got two huge gift sets on clearance after Christmas. I kept the bigger ones and am giving her the smaller ones. Great plan, huh!?
  • One Touch Evolve Cell Phone from Walmart Family Mobile – because I want to stay in touch with her at all times. I had this cute red phone case planned for it; sadly, it ended up not fitting. I’ll find another – maybe even let her pick it out.
  • One cute conversation heart container – because you need something cute to put everything in.

Walmart Family Mobile at Tax Time #FamilyMobileThat is one cute cell phone. I really like that it’s not too fragile so I don’t feel like it will get broken too quickly. Not to mention, I LOVE how affordable this turned out to be. Walmart Family Mobile truly has the cheapest wireless plans. Like I mentioned above, I ditched the cute red cell phone case. I didn’t want her to see it and get her hopes up.

Valentine's Day Gift of Walmart Family Mobile #FamilyMobile #shopOkay, so I spent $100 of my tax money. Big deal. For $100, it’s a gift that keeps on giving and won’t break the bank every single month. Going with Walmart Family Mobile was a much more affordable option than adding another line to our current plan. I can’t wait to give this to her on Friday!

Now, excuse me while I go cry that my daughter is growing up…

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  2. Love this child phone contract! I’m totally using it in a few years when the kids are old enough for their own phone. #client


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