Girls’ Night with a Kleenex Craft & Vudu.com #SharetheSoft #CBias

 When you are a busy parent, sometimes you don’t always get to spend a good amount of one on one time with each kid (especially if you have more than one). I have three children with a variety of different interests. That’s partially because of their ages. They are pretty spread out in years; they are 17, 9 and 3. I thought it would be fun to plan a Girls’ Night In. 

On February 14, 2003, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I thought I would be clever and take an empty Kleenex box, place the positive pregnancy test inside and surprise her Dad. I wrapped it up in Valentine’s Day paper with a card; after all, it was the day of love. He wasn’t as thrilled as I was but that is a whole another story. I thought it was a sweet and memorable moment. That’s all that matters. 

When it was time to plan a Kleenex night in, I knew I wanted to plan spending it with my daughter. She is such an amazing, sweet little girl. Our night started with a fun road trip to Walmart to pick up some Kleenex. You can see all of our shopping adventures in my Google+ album. We stopped off at Sonic for a tasty ice cream treat on the way. It was before dinner. I thought we would keep it a secret but she wasn’t too good at that when we got home.

She was excited to see all the fun stuff waiting for her on my bed. We had to escape into my bedroom or else we would have too much interruptions. It’s not easy to find another house to occupy. We managed. She was especially excited to see what was inside that Valentine’s Chinese box. I bought most of this stuff before we went on our trip together.

When she opened up the Valentine’s Day Chinese Box, she found some fun stationary supplies like a mini journal and lots of little accessories to go with it. I have something similar but bigger and it’s super fun. I thought she would enjoy it. It was all on clearance and that’s awesome!

Briana was especially excited to get some Pepsi. We don’t generally allow the kids to drink soda. Once in a while, we will let them have a small glass of Sprite, Root Beer or Orange soda. Those are usually it because they are caffeine free but they are still full of sugar so they are very limited. For her to get Pepsi it has to be a special occasion. 

My mom gifted us FOUR pounds of Jelly Belly’s for Christmas. Again, we limit their sweets so she has yet to get any. It was a special night and I made sure to include some of these interesting little jelly beans. No worries, we didn’t even get close to finishing half of what you see. (Plus, I ate so many of those cookies you see, that I felt sick). This great Vudu.com offer came on our four pack of Kleenex. It is good for a $4 credit! That is awesome because we love movies and Vudu! We’ll get to that in a bit. 

This was basically the beginning of our crafty fun and movie. As you can see, we are all snug in our jammies. At this point, we probably had plenty of sugar, a long day and are exhausted. But there was fun to be had. So we had to keep on keeping on! 

Our crafty fun all started with this simple box of Kleenex. One thing I love about the bulk packs of Kleenex are the variety of different patterns on the boxes. Of course I always choose a package that best suits my family. I love that one will work in our bathroom, another in the living room, bedrooms and so on. It’s convenient. 

We (or maybe just me) decided that we were going to skip the sticky mess of glue in my bedroom and use double sided tape instead. I love double sided tape. I use it for everything that I can to eliminate having to use glue. It’s the easy way out. Basically, we cut out foam panels to fit all sides of the Kleenex box and taped them to the box.

For the top of the Kleenex box, we eliminated the oval opening of the box and cut out a heart shape. This made dispensing the Kleenex’s look much funner and more festive. 

This is the pile of foam letters we had. I’m sure there were many more than you can see. Imagine sifting through these to find a V. Two of them actually. It took more time than we would have liked. My daughter was cracking up because I kept thinking other letters were what we were looking for.

She spelled different words on the sides of the box including "Valentines," "Be Mine," "Hug Me" and "Love." She had a lot of fun making this and showing it off for the pictures. After we carefully cut the heart out for the opening, she wanted to outline it with tiny purple dots. This task took almost as long as looking for the letter V. It was a great idea though.

Eventually, she finished the top and it looked great. She put a single dot in each of the four corners to spruce it up a bit. She was being silly and got off track a couple of times but found her way back around the heart.

Originally, she wanted to make a box to collect Valentine’s Day cards in at school this year. That is still the plan; however, at first, my suggestion was to remove the tissues from the box. She had another plan. She wanted to keep them inside and use them. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that. There is plenty of time before Valentine’s Day to use them up. Good thinking, Briana. She likes to #SharetheSoft with all of us in the house.

When the Valentine’s Day Kleenex Box was finished, we chose some heart tattoos. She wanted matching ones – so matching ones it is. I applied hers and she applied mine. It was fun and she loved it! 

When we came out of the bedroom to get the movie going, little Dominic saw our tattoos and insisted that he have one. They were all super girly so I got a set of lips and planted them right on his cheek. He thought he was pretty cool and I thought he was cute. It was a win/win situation.

Following the directions on my redemption slip, I visited Walmart’s Kleenex promotion website to redeem my $4 credit to Vudu.com. It was really easy. From here, I clicked "Get Your Movie Now." It then took me to Vudu.com’s website. 

Vudu.com’s website gave me the option to sign in or sign up. I signed in because I already have an account; however, if you don’t, it’s super easy! They don’t ask for very much information and you can also sign up via Facebook with one simple click. I entered in my redemption code and it credited my account. The credit doesn’t expire for another year! It isn’t going to last longer than an hour around here. We love Vudu.com because we can access it from a variety of devices including our iPad’s, Android phones, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and our computers. It’s simple too – just install the app and go from there. No complications and a great variety of movies. 

Because it was now me, my daughter and my three year old son, we chose a movie that we would all enjoy – Ice Age: Continental Drift. On Vudu.com you have the option of renting or buying movies. We have only rented them in the past. You can choose SD, HD or HDX. You can watch the trailer or a two minute preview. You can add a movie to your Wishlist for later. Another great feature is that when you sign up for Vudu.com, you will get ten movies for free! How great is that?! 

The night came to an end as we relaxed to watch Ice Age: Continental Drift. The kids have been wanting to see it and I figured now was a better time than any. They really enjoyed it. Not to mention, it was free just for buying Kleenex which is something we would end up buying anyway. We scored! 

Be sure to follow Kleenex on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay up on their latest promotions. You wouldn’t want to miss an offer like this! 

Even thought I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community, all thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and Kleenex® Brand Tissues  #CBias #SocialFabric #SharetheSoft








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  2. Aww, what a sweet story and great mother-daughter night of fun!

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    • She did! It was so cute. On our way to Walmart she said, “Thank you for bringing me. I have been wanting to spend some time with you.” I admire her so much for her ability to share her feelings. Not everyone can do that. I love it!

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    And you can never go wrong with Kleenex! Its my right hand right now. I have a horrible cold, I am packing some serious Kleenex tissues.

    • Thanks! We don’t exactly have a Sonic here either. This one is like 45 minutes away but it was on the way to where we were going. She had never been there and wanted to see her food being delivered on roller skates. After buying eight boxes of Kleenex, we have them all over our house now. Good thing too because we can’t seem to kick the sniffles. Hope you get to feeling better!

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