Giving up… on some things (not others).

I’ve worked so hard all week trying to get votes for the Smooth Fitness treadmill, I’ve actually neglected the fact that I HAVE to be active! I mean I haven’t been doing it 24/7 but more than I should have and I’m so behind – I give up! It’s over. Time to move on. I got my Wii More Workout for being Sista of the Week. Now, if I only had a Wii! LoL. We plan on getting one soon so no worries.

My plan is to start the 30 Day Shred today! No Excuses! Even if I have to wait until everyone is asleep. I broke down and bought it a while back, took the wrap off and there it sits, collecting dust. It’s time to pop that baby in the DVD player! I’m so tired right now and I really want to get off this computer… too many days on here trying for this treadmill. Not to mention, I have so many posts to read also! So let’s get to the point. This past week was my TOM. I was bloaty and felt icky! Well after a night of relief, I weighed myself again and was okay with what I saw – not perfect but I’ll take it.

LAST WEEK’s Weigh-In

THIS WEEK’s Weigh-In

It’s LESS than a POUND but considering I’d gained a pound yesterday – I’m happy with this.

Well I need to get this posted because I really want to try to get some entries in to win a Gruve by Gruve Solution! I’ve wanted one for oh so long! They’re sponsoring this week’s blogging carnival and I’m disappointed that this is the week I will have next to no entries… fingers are crossed!

I can’t forget to congratulate @RachelSteffen for being Sista of the Week! She totally deserves it. I’ve never met her but I feel like I’ve known her for a while now! We live so close and I can’t wait to meet up with her for a play date of walking on the river!


  1. I recently started the 30 Day Shred and it’s killer. lol. Okay, not THAT bad, but challenging. I haven’t been doing it every day like I should, though. It’s so cool to see your friendship with Rachel taking off. I wish I had a mamavation friend 45 minutes away!

  2. Great job on the loss! KUP how the wii game goes. 30 Day Shred is an awesome workout! It really helped me build my endurance up for jogging.

  3. HUGS and WOOT! Hugs for life getting crazy… and WOOT for the weight loss! I am looking forward to teh cooler temperatures when we can make a road trip and play date soon!! HUGS