Going Bananas Over OpenSky!

Some of you may have noticed my "Something Exciting is Coming" badge I’ve had displayed on my blog for a couple of weeks now. As you can see over there at the top right, it is now a countdown. It’s a countdown for when I will launch my new OpenSky shop on August 10th!

When I first heard of OpenSky, I was purchasing a pair of Daily Chocolate earrings from an OpenSky shop, Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. At that time, I had no idea what OpenSky was. I was clueless. Then I started reading all the buzz about it on Twitter. Next thing I know, I’m contacting them to become a seller! There’s also the option of becoming an OpenSky Supplier. Just click on the links if you are interested in getting involved with OpenSky.

OpenSky has a vision that is "Buying from people you know and trust is the best way to shop." I whole-heartedly agree with them. That is why I can’t wait to share my OpenSky shop with all of you! I will only be endorsing and selling products that I personally use and believe in. I have complete control over every product that I sell and how I sell them (without all the hassle I might add).

It’s simple. I choose the product I want to sell, put it in my shop and OpenSky does the rest. No messing with the shopping cart for me. I will never have anyone’s personal information to be responsible for and I can just sit back, relax and enjoy sharing what I love with all of you. I’m really excited for the next steps and to finally launch my store.

Recently, OpenSky was featured on Good Morning America by Tory Johnson. It was exciting to me because not only was OpenSky featured, she spotlighted Ashley Steves’ Daily Chocolate earrings I purchased months ago AND Sarah Mae Hoover from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee! How awesome is that! If you missed the segment, you can watch the video here.

Anyway, OpenSky is amazing and I can’t wait to share all of my personally selected products with all of you my readers, friends and family. My mind is already racing on all this stuff I can’t wait to stock it with! The best part is, you don’t have to go out of your way – you can shop right here from my blog! It’s that simple. So make sure to come back on August 10th!